PAUL McCARTNEY has been the quintessential rock & roller for decades. But his next project is far more delicate.

He’s been asked to write music for a ballet.

Not much is known about the ballet, including which company commissioned THE BEATLES great to write it. However, he told the BBC that he jumped at the chance to take on a musical opportunity he hadn’t yet explored.

“I’m interested in doing things I haven’t done before. That offer came up and I love writing music, the two went together and I said, ‘Yeah,’ so I just accept things before I even know what I’m doing. I don’t really know that much about it yet. I’m just writing music for it, but it’s a switch!”

Outside of his work as a BEATLE and solo artist, PAUL McCARTNEY has also written the soundtrack for a film (1967’s The Family Way), composed four classical music releases and made forays into electronica (his Fireman side project) and remixing (2000’s Liverpool Sound Collage.)

It’s been a year of firsts for the legendary musician. He recently was the first non American recipient of THE LIBRARY OF CONGRESS’ GERSHWIN PRIZE and was also honoured with an all star tribute at the White House. On his latest UP & COMING tour, he has been visiting markets and cities he’s never played before.

As ROLLING STONE previously reported, PAUL McCARTNEY will cap off a busy year by reissuing WINGS’ BAND ON THE RUN with remastered sound and bonus tracks this August.

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