This week’s issue of NEW YORK MAGAZINE features an intimate chat with the magnificent HELEN MIRREN.

In it, she talks about what it was like working with her husband director TAYLOR HACKFORD in her upcoming movie LOVE RANCH.

She discusses the process of playing the madam of a seventies whorehouse and what she did to prepare. And she coyly reveals that she’s still a “little notorious.”

If this next role is any indication, she’s not done teasing and flirting with the audience.

Here’s a taste of LOGAN HILL’S polished profile that I simply couldn’t leave out…

In addition, she makes dick jokes, stomps on the throat of a misbehaving prostitute and presides over the brothel with such swagger that (costar) JOE PESCI shouts, “Who do ya think you are, the queen of fuckin’ England?!!!”

Well, yes.

Here are some excerpts from the interview…

On being the bad girl:

“I’m a would be rebel – the good girl who’d like to be a bad one. I’m still the good girl who wants to be a bad girl. But I’ll never make it as a bad girl…I’m not a prude or a moralist and I never have been. But I’m too fearful. Too much of a wimp, really.”

On acting:

“People say, ‘Oh, you play someone else.’ I’m always playing myself. You can only do it by going into yourself, in the deepest, most terrifying way. Not to say I haven’t ever prostituted myself quite often and happily. But in my heart it’s very serious.”

On women’s sexuality in the seventies and eighties:

“The Playboy Mansion, coke and the rise of all that – it was always pushed as liberation, but it didn’t seem like that to me. That was women obeying the sexualized form created by men – though maybe we always do that, because we want to be attractive. But I was kind of a trailblazer because I demanded to do it my own way. I’d say, ‘I’m not having it put on me by someone else.’ I didn’t want to be the sort of puritanical good girl with a little white collar who says, ‘Don’t shag until you get married.‘ ”

On today’s female stars:

“I love bold women like Scarlett Johansson – sexy and gorgeous, but not only that.”

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