It’s fashionista Friday in the midst of a roaring hot summer.

The heat wave that’s rolled through most of North America has caught up with my beauteous little emerald corner of paradise.


We have torrid temperatures soaring up into the 90s. Patience may very well be a virtue. But it’s never been one of mine.

I’m ecstatic it’s here. The heat rocks.

So no complaints from this lion hearted take no prisoners blonde.

There’s a lot to love about this season: air conditioned movies, luxurious shopping expeditions, glorious sunsets…

I like leisurely lazing on my porch with lemonade, contemplating my brilliant and inestimable future. Not to worry. I shall be a benevolent queen.

Our fanciful Friday musical highlight is THE ONLY THING from BRYAN ADAMS.

It’s the weekend, kids. Find your fun and get this party started.

It’s time for me to exit. Stage left….

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