I have posted a number of things on this year’s edition of LILITH FAIR.

WHITNEY PASTOREK of EW attended the California version yesterday at the Verizon Wireless Ampitheater in Irvine.

She saw a variety of female musicians strut their stuff while she was there – including EMMYLOU HARRIS, BRANDI CARLILE, MIRANDA LAMBERT and SARAH McLACHLAN.

Her observations are sharp and wickedly amusing. It’s a crackling good read.

To get a gander, go here

4 Responses to “LILITH FAIR IN L.A.: ON THE SCENE”

  1. and at least one group of men who said they were there for the ratio

    maybe i should have been there for the ratio or for the free tampons

    “I knew every song McLachlan played. I haven’t bought a Sarah McLachlan album since 1998.”


    “Women. Can’t live with ‘em, can’t placate ‘em with free tampons, right?”

    well… 😉

  2. Ha ha ha ha.

    Oh, holy Christ.

    I really don’t know what the hell to say. glim, you are an effortless original. Right at the top of your very own amazing and iconoclastic game.

    There is no one out there like you, my lil southern sweetheart. No one…

    I loved that article that WHITNEY wrote. She’s awesomeness personified. She has quite the way with a line.

    All of that reminds me. Since I had treatment for my illness a few years ago, I don’t ever have to worry about that monthly nonsense. I’m much better off.

    Absolutely disgusting. It’s a lot of wasted time for no good purpose. Just a useless irritant that makes your life totally and completely miserable.

    There is no escaping it. It’s not just for those few days. You can have PMS for the entire week prior. There are days that you just feel wretched beyond belief.

    Seems like your whole life has to revolve around that garbage. You’re either getting it, about to get it, having it, waiting for it…

    If you don’t get it, you’re not home free either. That could be a sign of much bigger problems. Fortunately, I was lucky. I avoided all of that.

    I love being a woman. That was the only thing that I hated about it. Now I feel a great and glorious sense of freedom.

    So I’ll never hear the pitter patter of little feet around the ol plantation? Suits me just fine. That was never the plan anyway. I’d rather devote my precious time to other pursuits. Like my career….and making someone specific happy.


    Let’s hope that he appreciates all of that.

  3. yeah, really awesome awesome job by whitney. maybe i’ll have to look out for that name… 🙂

    and uh, thanks for those details. i didn’t know…

  4. I’ve read WHITNEY’S articles for some time now. She is a truly excellent writer. You should check her out, glim.

    As for the other…

    Ha ha. Well, it’s not the kind of thing that I’m accustomed to talking about here. It is kind of borderline, right? But you brought it up, my darling boy. So I thought I might as well put my own personal stamp on it.

    I’ve met a lot of lovely men that feel terrible about what we have to go through as females. But I don’t think they’ll ever completely understand how horrible a lot of it is.

    I’m just grateful that I don’t have to deal with the red menace any more. I can’t ever get pregant. Those were two huge burdens that I’m ecstatic to be rid of.

    Now I can concentrate on what’s really important without worrying about that nonsense.

    Thank God…

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