Oh God, yes. I can definitely relate to a lot of this…

With a slew of racy CALVIN KLEIN ads and steamy movie roles under her belt, it’s hard not to think of EVA MENDES as a sex symbol.

But it’s a label that the actor seems reluctant to accept.

“I’d love for my ambition and will and intellect and sense of humour to define me as well,” she tells ALLURE in its upcoming AUGUST issue.

“I’m definitely responsible for the image that I put out there. But it does become frustrating, because I don’t want sexy to be my defining characteristic.”

Her own idea of sexy is surprisingly low key in comparison to the bombshell characters she frequently portrays in front of the cameras.

“To me, sexy is either nude or with very basic Calvin Klein underwear and maybe a white ribbed tank top,” explained EVA, who notably wore DOLCE & GABBANA before, during and after her ALLURE cover shoot in New York City.

But even more than her spectacular physicality, EVA credits her sex appeal to attitude.

“I have worked hard to love myself…and I do. And I think that’s what people respond to with me.”


  1. do you think she’s a good actor???? any sort of roles you wish she’d get???

    sorry, don’t think i’ve seen eva in much. and it’s not like i watch a lot anyway.


    seems i often see her name as the girl in a cop type film…

  2. glim, the only thing I’ve ever seen EVA in is TRAINING DAY.

    She had a magnificent presence in that. But she’s only on for a few brief minutes.

    The only times I’ve ever featured EVA on site were for fashion stuff. She’s obviously gorgeous, extremely sexy and has great style.

    You know how I said that SCARLETT has that old Hollywood vibe? I think EVA is strongly in possession of that too. She has a real SOPHIA LOREN/RITA HAYWORTH thing going on.

    She looks like a movie star.

    I really didn’t know too much about her. But I’m exceptionally impressed by some of her interviews lately.

    It’s glaringly obvious that she doesn’t give a damn about fame or celebrity. She wants to be taken seriously on the basis of her talent and have a long career.

    That’s awesome. If you want to be a real artist, that’s the only way to go.

    But the industry has always been incredibly tough on beauitful women. I’ve talked about this before. It’s a double edged sword. You go to auditions and people tell you that you’re too good looking to be truly talented. Next one that you go on they take shots at you because of your appearance.

    When you have some idiot casting director telling FAYE DUNAWAY that she “is in no way beautiful enough to be a movie star,” I think that says it all right there. But where is Ms. Dunaway now and whatever became of that moronic slag?

    Obviously, that was before BONNIE & CLYDE.

    I totally get what EVA’S talking about. She doesn’t mind if people perceive her as sexy. She’s got that flamethrower vibe that she can toss out there any time she chooses. But she would prefer that people know that she has plenty of other colours in her Crayola box that she can choose any time she feels like it.

    There’s much more to her than that.

    Yeah, I suppose she has been cast as the girl in a lot of these flicks. But she definitely aspires to more. If she wants it, I’m sure those opportunities will come to her. It’s only a matter of time.

    I’ve discussed this before as well. But I completely understand what she’s up against. As I know first hand, being glamorous and sexy can be a slippery slope. It makes some men very nervous. Of course there will always be chicks that are bitchy catty jealous whores. They’ll try to tear you down because of what you have.


    Naturally, you even the score and get medieval when the time arises. There’s no point in tolerating any of that nonsense. After that’s all over (and you’ve emerged victorious), you rise above it.

    Some people count. Some people don’t…and some definitely deserved to be slapped down. That’s it. That’s all.

    But in your personal life being sexy isn’t really a disadvantage.

    I think any man knows (as soon as I speak) that there’s a lot more to me than my obvious and abundant sensuality. So I don’t generally get a lot of jerkoffs coming around and wasting my time. If some yahoo hasn’t got an initial clue, he’ll certainly have one as soon as I start talking.

    But it really amounts to much the same thing in the end. You want the man in your life to think that you’re the most beautiful desirable woman in the world. (Every woman wants that, actually. I think that we’re all entitled to that kind of attention.)

    You want to walk through that door and see that twinkle in his eye. You don’t want to pass by him without him grabbing you (or at least having to fight that impulse…). It’s important to feel that you make him a little nuts just looking at you.

    But at the same time, you also want him to respect you and to recognize that you have a lot of other qualities that are worthwhile. You want to be worshipped and lusted after. It has to be exciting. But he’s got to know that there’s a hell of a lot more to you than that.

    I think most men get this, though. Certainly they do if they have any brains or sensitivity. There has to be a balance. Men are drawn in by your exterior. But it’s all the other stuff that makes them fall in love with you.

    And that’s as it should be.

    I liked the way EVA talked about her ambition, will, intellect and humour in this interview. We have a lot in common.

    She’s my kind of woman.

  3. i’m not seeing whatever it is you’re seeing in eva…

    but i do think this is pretty cool.

    It’s glaringly obvious that she doesn’t give a damn about fame or celebrity. She wants to be taken seriously on the basis of her talent and have a long career.

    but honestly i often don’t even see eye to eye with you on these people. i do think it’s awesome that eva doesn’t fit as much in the usual hot mode thing.

    As I know first hand, being glamorous and sexy can be a slippery slope. It makes some men very nervous.

    ha but that’s all they want according to the hot female lists. ha ha…

    really being a bit easy on the eyes does make me a bit nervous. (i’m not good at hiding things, i guess… ) but i’m not a suave guy or anything.

    but hey i thought that was what guys wanted.

  4. EVA definitely has a lot of substance to her.

    Like I said, I didn’t know much about her. But with an attitude like that I’ll certainly be a fan from this time forward.

    glim, glim, glim. Baby…

    You and I have had similar discussions before. But I don’t think you’re necessarily absorbing them.

    Hardy har har…

    I’m going to tell you how it is. Every beautiful hot distracting woman in the world will thank me for it.

    Here goes…

    Just like many things in this existence, being glamorous and sexy is not at all what it’s cracked up to be. But I think people really need to walk in those shoes before they can comprehend completely.

    That’s exactly why they don’t.

    Somebody else’s life always looks so grand and glorious. Let me tell you something. There’s a downside to everything.

    Yeah, if you’re a total whore with no morals and no standards it evens out. Otherwise, there are times when it can be tremendously difficult.

    God, glimster. Those hot lists in magazines don’t mean anything. Don’t you know that that’s all about fantasy? It’s like the old Playboy thing. If most of those men could actually meet one of the women that they’re looking at in one of those trash mags, they wouldn’t have any idea what to do.

    Gawking at a picture is a hell of a lot different than actually talking to a woman like that. Trust me on this. Most of them haven’t got the nerve.

    I grew up with a brother and a dad. I also have a half brother. I’ve been good friends with many men (straight and gay). I’ve been romantically involved with a number of dudes since I was 16.

    So I do know what I’m talking about.

    The average guy doesn’t have a lot of confidence. It’s unfortunate. But it’s completely true.

    There is a significant majority of men that will pursue me. But there is also a sizable minority of guys that will never talk to me in the light of day. They can never get past the fantasy. Ultimately, the fantasy will be sufficient for them. It’s a lot easier (and much less threatening) to worship someone from afar.

    Look, my darling…

    I’m six feet in heels. I look like Catherine Deneuve and have a physique like Scarlett Johansson. As soon as I walk through the door and every head turns, I can feel the tension. I know I’m intimidating as hell. But there’s not much I can do to make someone more comfortable when he’s not.

    I am hardly a low key personality. I give off a very sensual vibe. There’s nothing I can do to change that. Furthermore, I would never want to. People have to learn to deal with it.

    A lot of men are afraid to approach me. Silly boys. I’m just a girl. But they don’t feel that way about it.

    A lot of the men that pursue me are of absolutely no interest to me. I either don’t find them attractive or we have nothing in common. They would never understand me, my mind or my ambitions. It wouldn’t have a hope in hell.

    If I go to a party (and I’ve never been much for that scene), I always gravitate to the shy little one in the corner. Inevitably, he is so adorable and he doesn’t even understand how appealing he is.

    All I want to do is press myself up against him. It’s difficult to restrain myself. Guys like that always notice me. But it’s very rare that they ever come over and talk. When I was much younger, I didn’t mind being a bit more assertive. But that doesn’t work.

    He’s scared to death. If I approach him, he’ll just retreat further into himself. Unless we have mutual friends, I’ll never see him again.

    (Boys have to come to you. That’s the only way anything will ever get done. Doesn’t matter if he’s shy. If he really wants you, he’ll find a way.

    So I learned – very young – to be more laid back. In the first stages of a relationship, I never make the first move. It’s all up to them. That’s the only way to know for sure what they want. If I move too fast, guys get wary.

    I may go home and chew through my pillow {till there’s nothing left of it…} but it’s better that way.

    I would never want to end up in bed with someone before he was ready. It’s just as well. Every romance is different. Getting to the good stuff too soon can create a lot of problems. Too much pressure. Too many expectations.

    It’s best to let things unfold easily with time.)

    Naturally, I’ll always run across some alpha male types at soirees like that that are all too hot to get me to leave with them. They don’t have a f’ing prayer. Once in a while, you come across these overly eager jackasses that won’t cool their jets.

    You have to face them down. If someone’s being a genuine idiot, I don’t care about making a scene. I have said to men in public, “Get the hell off. You’re not man enough. So don’t even think about wasting my time.”

    Guys like that don’t do anything for me. It’s always the soft, sweet ones that I go for.

    I do get a lot of them. Eventually. But that’s when we end up working together or running into each other a lot somewhere.

    As sharp as I am, I’m completely clueless a lot of the time when someone’s smitten with me. I don’t always get it. Sometimes men are really good at hiding it.

    If I had a nickel for every boy who told me later on when we were involved: “I had such a crush on you but I never thought that you would like me,” or “I was sure you were out of my league,” I would never have to work again.

    Lots of men have felt that they can’t compete or don’t measure up. They automatically thought that I couldn’t possibly be interested in them.

    That’s sad.

    So it’s very complicated, glimster. There’s a lot going on that many people would never imagine.

    But that’s all in the past.

    This is it. I’ve found my Romeo.

    I guess there are some men out there that are more than a little choked. But I’ve made my choice. This is what I want and I’ll go to the ends of the earth to protect that. If anyone has a problem with that, too bad.

    It’s not every day that you end up with someone who’s on the same wavelength.

    Romantically, I am in a fabulous place. I’m very, very happy.

    So I’m not letting this go.

    Alpha males are not my style. In my little corner of the universe, the good boys always win.

    And that’s the end of the lesson…

  5. glimmer Says:

    If I had a nickel for every boy who told me later on when we were involved: “I had such a crush on you but I never thought that you would like me,” or “I was sure you were out of my league,” I would never have to work again.

    or if maybe a script popped up based on this/you’d never have to work again… 😉

  6. glimmer Says:

    I may go home and chew through my pillow {till there’s nothing left of it…} but it’s better that way.

    “These are very trying times. People, especially young people, don’t have enough God in their lives.”

    ; )

  7. Uh huh…

    Acting from a script or writing it?

    I have screenwriting books all over the house, glim. I never really got the hang of it. Unfortunately, screenplays are all about structure.

    Structure gives me an enormous god damn headache. I think I’d need someone to collaborate with right off the top so that I’d know what the hell I was doing. After that, it would most likely be a breeze.

    And when I’m talking work, I mean meaningless boring jobs (even if they’re well paying) that are not creative. I’m driven to a particular level of artistic grace. When you love doing something, then it never feels like drudgery.

    I will always be out there trying to do something that fuels my fire.

    Can’t quit now…

  8. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

    Holy hot buttered hell.

    In terms of your last comment, my lil southern sweetheart, I have nothing more to add.

    Nothing at all…

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