When it comes to glamour, COURTNEY LOVE has run the fashion gamut, going from grunge to sophisticated elegance and back again.

Now the notorious rocker is taking her unique and sometimes scandalous sense of style to the masses with the launch of her first fashion blog called, reports WWD. The singer debuted the new site last week, offering fans a glimpse into her edgy fashion choices via daily photo posts.

“It’s a social experiment,” COURTNEY told WWD.

“I send pictures of what I wore that day and they [her blog staff] also have access to my files on my computer,” she explained of the four person team running the blog. And for those looking to copy COURTNEY’S rock & roll style, the site comes complete with some quirky captions identifying the brands that she is sporting in most of the snapshots.

While today’s images include the always entertaining star in a BALENCIAGA dress and NARCISO RODRIGUEZ shell, Friday’s entries featured photographs of COURTNEY in everything from an Alexander Wang sweater to a black GIVENCHY dress.

Will this turn out to be fashion nirvana? Only time will tell…

To see more, check out COURTNEY’S new site at WHATCOURTNEYWORETODAY.COM

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