At just 16, TAYLOR MOMSEN has already locked down a starring role as GOSSIP GIRL’S resident bad girl. She’s also the lead singer for her band THE PRETTY RECKLESS.

And now the actor is adding fragrance face to her jam packed roster of artistic activities.

WWD has confirmed that, starting this fall, TAYLOR will star in ads for John Galliano’s new perfume. And while details on the campaign are still being worked out, you can expect to see TAYLOR’S edgy, rocker chic influence shine through.

The pairing is actually not her introduction to the beauty world. She helped Victoria’s Secret launch their Love Rocks scent collection at an event earlier this year.


  1. glimmer Says:

    insert my usual generic thoughts.

    i thought she was good in paranoid park and taylor’s edgy, rocker chic influence will catch my eye more than uh whatever version of the usual that gets play at cp.

    uh did i say that ?? uh, sorry ms. m…

    hmm anyway…

    so you’re the in the know. does a taylor/john galliano (whoever john is…) seem a surprsie or a good fit???

    i’m not gonna watch gossip girl. i mean it’s not like i’m gonna have sex or anything.

    that joke still kills. the judges say *10*. 🙂

  2. Not to worry, glimby.

    You and I have varying opinions on a wide variety of stuff. We agree, we disagree and then back again.

    No big deal.

    Your thoughts and impressions add greatly to the site. I really enjoy reading them and I’m sure lots of other people do as well.

    We’ll always be friends. You’re a good guy…and a very interesting one.

    So there…

    Wasn’t aware that TAYLOR was in PARANOID PARK. Fascinating. Thanks for that, honey.

    John Galliano’s name is synonymous with sophistication. But it’s a particular kind of classiness with an edge to it. I think that TAYLOR will be a wonderful fit with that brand. Sounds like a perfect combination to me.

    Your day is coming, glim. Lots of time to party. Don’t you dare give up hope.

    Not ever…

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