Ambitious individualistic filmmakers define the most fulfilling cinematic experiences.

CHRISTOPHER NOLAN (the writer/director of INCEPTION) is one of them.

DOM COBB (LEONARDO DiCAPRIO) is involved in an esoteric kind of corporate espionage. He is a specialist at extraction: retrieving people’s precious secrets when they’re dreaming.

This has made him a fugitive from justice. He can never go home again. He hasn’t seen his children in a long time. It is more than he can bear.

The billionaire industrialist SAITO (KEN WATANABE) offers Dom a way out. He is fascinated by the process of inception – the planting of an idea in a subject’s mind during sleep.

Saito wants to target ROBERT FISCHER (CILLIAN MURPHY), a competitor of great power, wealth and privilege. If Dom is willing to assist Saito in his objective, then he will help him return to his family. All he wants is for the request to be processed to his satisfaction…and to come along for the ride.

Dom agrees and assembles a prestigious group to assist him: his right hand man ARTHUR (JOSEPH GORDON LEVITT), the forger EAMES (TOM HARDY) and the aptly named architectural student ARIADNE (ELLEN PAGE).

But it won’t be a walk in the proverbial park. There are dark forces beyond anyone’s control that will make this scheme precarious at best. Dom’s deceased wife MAL (MARION COTILLARD) is only one of them.

That’s all you need to know…

INCEPTION is cerebral, operatic and thrillingly original. But it’s also incredibly satisfying. It’s JAMES BOND vs. the wide open spaces of your unruly subconscious. There’s enormous depth but plenty of exciting action sequences.

The film is possessed of multilayered narratives and interlocking scenarios. The kicks come hard and fast in this high stakes game of heist.

There are times that you can barely believe what you’re seeing. You’ll have to pick your jaw up off the floor…repeatedly.

In spite of the seriousness of the characters’ endeavours and the dangerous interplay between them, there is a strong undercurrent of sly ironic humour. The song that the dream team listens to as they go under is EDITH PIAF’S NON, NE REGRETTE RIEN. MARION COTILLARD won an Academy Award for portraying the famous French singer.

Indeed, remorse and great sorrow (or the lack thereof) are ongoing themes in this marvelously detailed intellectual exercise.

The picture succeeds superbly on a wide variety of fronts.

The cinematography by WALLY PFISTER (a veteran of many Nolan productions) is bold, sumptuous and exquisitely sensual.

HANS ZIMMER’S score is melodious and rousing.

Costume designer JEFFREY KURLAND (who worked on many of WOODY ALLEN’S movies) has created a wide variety of amazing wardrobe essentials.

The cast is extraordinary. They’re all extremely talented and perform to the best of their respective abilities.

As well as the previously mentioned, PETE POSTLETHWAITE is Robert’s seriously ill parent, TOM BERENGER portrays the Fischer family’s legal counsel and MICHAEL CAINE plays Dom’s father in law, a university professor.

TALLULAH RILEY has a few nice moments as a distracting blonde who meets Robert at a luxurious hotel bar.

But several performers deserve to be singled out.

TOM HARDY is stunningly charismatic. He’s reminiscent of a young ALAN BATES.

CILLIAN MURPHY (with his mesmerizing azure eyes) is profoundly touching as a man who has become greatly disconnected from his father.

But the fabulous MARION COTILLARD is the heart and damaged soul of the movie. She’s like a glittering 40s femme fatale – with all the power and electric grace of a gorgeous wounded woman. There are substantial reasons for her malevolence and the manipulative dominance of her husband’s mind.

She haunts each frame with her mysterious imperial presence. You’re thinking about her every second she’s not on screen.

INCEPTION is CHRISTOPHER NOLAN’S audacious unforgettable triumph. He is well on his way to becoming a legendary director.

The future of modern cinema is in excellent hands with such brilliant imaginative auteurs creating amazing works of art.

INCEPTION is the risk you must take. Your mind will be completely blown.

Surrender to its melancholy magnificence.

2 Responses to “INCEPTION ****”

  1. glimmer Says:

    two page review of inception via the immortal bop.

    a big reason inception didn’t kill me/wow me/make me believe.

    There is a tragic love story at the center and it’s meant to drive Cobb, but it’s strangely distant and we don’t feel or sympathize with his pain as much as the movie thinks we do. The performances are strong and enthusiastic, but they seem less driven by human passions than by the requirements of the plot.

    When characters cried or gave looks of deep understanding, I wasn’t with them. I was too busy trying to remember specific plot details. The movie packs a mind punch, but not an emotional one, which is really what we need to be fully involved.


    way before i read saw this review at bop i was thinking of a reason why this film didn’t kill me was that i wasn’t emotionally involved/attached.

    but as usual, everyone is going insane/raving/in songs of praise mode. so what would be the only whatever out there to say what i’m feeling and line 800 times better? a review at bop, the one on line movie site think the awards crowds ignores doesn’t say anything about or care even.

    bop saves the day again.

    maybe i’m not (totally) insane. someone sees things a bit like me somewhere and since there is a person like that out there doubt he’ll be insulted for having a dissenting view by the film elite kids. thank you god or whomever.

    maybe i’ll never like a big blockbuster.

    however i’m rooting for inception/glad i saw it. and hope somewhere this helps leads to hollywood not wanting to make all blockbusters so generic/non adventurous.

    and unlike the dark knight (which i still haven’t seen, yeah i’m pure like that) i won’t get sick having to run across 3000 mounds of ultra praise for it.

    somewhere inception was descibed was a sci fi james bond. well james bond doesn’t interest me 3% so a sci fi james bond shouldn’t work much for me should it???

    most of the people are selling/hyping/ refing inception aren’t of much interest to me (what else should you expect fom a virgin???) and my lack of being ultra emotional care wise about the characters/situation didn’t help me enjoy this film.

    hmm why do i think i’ll like dogtooth 37 times more than inception??? hmm…

    and where are the films for losers/real misfits??? yeah i know no one gives a damn…

    inception was like an ultra genre film to the 8000th level. i’ve never been a fan of that sort of stuff anyway so inception’s ultra take on it to wow me either.

    hmm ultra nice/good review from you ms m.

    but inception is furher proof that I can’t believe in anything/I don’t believe in anything/Do you believe in anything/do you believe me now

  2. I have a lot to say. So I’m going to say it.

    Are you ready, kids? Here it comes.

    First of all…

    hmm ultra nice/good review from you ms. m.

    Thank you, my darling. So very much.

    what else should you expect from a virgin???

    Honey, that’s not a big deal. Even those of us with active romantic lives were pure as the driven snow at one time. (Everyone was. Not to mention that if you happen to be under 16 and reading this, you probably should be.)

    And believe me, you can go through some months where the pickings are pretty damn slim. Fallow periods, you know. If you have any standards and you’re not willing to jump the first goofball that says hi to you, it will happen. Unfortunately.

    glim, even though I loved INCEPTION, your points are well considered and eloquent as always.

    Yes, it is largely a cerebral experience that operates from a strong intellectual base. It’s not coldly Kubrickian (and I totally idolize STANLEY) but it’s certainly not deeply emotional. The Bond thing is also there if you want to see it that way.

    But JB is very cool in my book. So I have no problem with that.

    I’m sure that all of that was CHRISTOPHER NOLAN’S deliberate intention. But what you’re stating is definitely valid.

    So I don’t want you to feel bad about anything, glimster. You’ve explained precisely why it didn’t get to you. That’s all dandy.

    As for the other…

    Let’s get down to brass tacks, shall we?

    There are two dudes that I can think of that have greatly contributed to some nonsense that’s being going around lately. I’m with the love of my life. All of this doesn’t even make a dent. But I will say this…

    You know y’all are being a couple of fiery turnipheads.

    Listen up. I don’t take people seriously until they’re divorced. Not separated. DIVORCED. It’s certainly not because I’m holier than thou. Believe me. It’s because I don’t let my desires run totally wild. I know how these things go.

    Let’s just say I’m wise to the ways of the world.

    Are you guys looking for a hot mistress? I would bloody well hope not. But if that’s the case, you’ve got the wrong girl. You might as well go pay for it. Y’all are certainly rich enough and you’ll get everything that you want.

    Would you get everything that you want with me?


    Ha ha ha. Really, really doubtful. Not unless we’re on the same damn page to start with.

    Look, do you actually want to get on my good side? I’m completely serious here. Is that of any real interest to you?

    Then apologize (in private) to the person that you’ve wronged…and mean it. Obviously, I’m not talking about me. You’ve both been mean petty jerkoffs. That’s the only real issue that I have with you both.

    If you’d act like gentlemen, then at least I could respect you. And, as far as I know, one of you still has some business to conduct (somewhere down the line) with the adorable party that I am talking about.

    I think that you should do this regardless. But if you’re so convinced that it’s better to prance around and show everyone who has the biggest balls, there’s nothing more that I can say. But I’m very unimpressed.

    And he’s not to blame for any of it.

    So maybe it’s time to start acting like real men instead of alpha males? This ain’t THE GODFATHER, you know?


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