SALT ****

In the films that she has appeared in, ANGELINA JOLIE has generally been a powerful courageous force of nature.

As EVELYN SALT, she gets to pull out every last stop imaginable. She doesn’t just take it to the wall. There’s literally nothing left of it by the time she’s finished.

Ms. Salt works for the CIA. Under interrogation, a defector accuses her of being a Russian spy. She protests and maintains her innocence. Her superior and close friend TED WINTER (LIEV SCHREIBER) believes her.

WILLIAM PEABODY (CHIWETEL EJIOFOR) in counterintelligence is a by the book bastard that hates Evelyn’s guts. He refuses to give her any concessions.

Evelyn insists on talking to her husband. She knows that this has all ready gotten out of control. Her status and integrity are on the line as well as her career, her life – and in circumstances like this her husband could be in danger. But she’s unable to reach her spouse by phone.

When the boom is lowered dramatically, you know Evelyn will have no choice but to blast her way the hell out of there.

She does. Then she goes on the run.

There is not a lot of exposition. But you need very little in this particular instance. The film – which is 100 minutes – is a tight white hot thriller that hits the ground running and never lets up.


JAMES NEWTON HOWARD’S score is particularly memorable.

Director PHILLIP NOYCE should be given a great deal of credit. The pace is fast and furious and whips by at lightning speed.

The three principal actors are all incredibly good. The two men each have one big spectacularly delicious scene with our amazing female protagonist.

But ANGELINA is, of course, the main attraction here. She sells the picture. Whether she’s being a gutsy iron willed bad ass or a graceful enigma (depending on the scene) you can not take your eyes off of her.

She’s compelling, mysterious and unstoppable. She also did her own stunts…and it shows.

ANGELINA JOLIE is ultimately rather unique. She has a commanding strength that makes her a natural for action. She’s a gorgeous glamorous goddess with wicked charisma who is also incredibly talented.

She makes this motion picture come alive.

Who is EVELYN SALT? See the damn movie. It possesses the perfect popcorn punch.

You won’t regret it.

2 Responses to “SALT ****”

  1. glimmer Says:

    and i wonder what anna chapman thinks????

  2. I dunno. Has anyone asked her?

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