It’s exceedingly rare that I ever post trailers. But every so often one comes along that is an absolute work of art in its own right.

The fabulously insightful and eminently glamorous KIM MORGAN wrote about the new version of the promo for the October release THE SOCIAL NETWORK.

There is a powerful efficacy to the music which underscores it: a choir doing a cover of CREEP by RADIOHEAD.

It not only has a solemnly hypnotic effect.

It chills you right to the bone.

I have no idea if I will end up seeing this film. Students at Harvard getting worked up over a Facebook power play may not be enough to get me going.

(BTW, don’t a lot of people from the Boston area end up attending that particular ivy league institution?)

We’ll see what happens when it debuts in the fall. It’s always easy for me to get willingly sidetracked.

Many men will pursue you. But there are few that can measure up. I’m a wickedly contented (and deliriously happy) lion these days. When you end up with everything that you want, you don’t ever let it go.

My favourite part is JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE flipping someone off with both hands.

But you know me, kids.

In for a penny. In for a pound.

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