Absolutely no disrespect to Mr. Newman and Ms. King. But all I can say is: hell yeah.

You’ve got to get up really really early in the morning to F with a French girl.

And you will lose…

Iconic French film actor BRIGITTE BARDOT is furious over plans to produce a film based on her life.

Kyle Newman, producer and director of the project, has set up his wife actor Jaime King for the unauthorized role.

“A film about my life? But I’m not dead!” Ms. Bardot commented on French radio yesterday, UK’s GUARDIAN reported.

“They wouldn’t dare do it without talking to me. If they do, sparks will fly.”

BRIGITTE BARDOT left her film career in 1973 to become an animal rights activist and has been embroiled in several media controversies since.

But don’t expect the biopic to continue without an escalated fight from Ms. Bardot, whose radio interview provided an endless series of sound bytes.

“I have the courage of my convictions. I don’t beat around the bush and I am about the only one who doesn’t in this bloody country.”

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