This article is written by TORY BURCH at THE HUFFINGTON POST

This summer, how many times have you been asked: Are you Team Jacob or Team Edward? Team Bill or Team Eric?

Honestly, I’m Team Dracula.

At the risk of alienating the female population of the world, I still think the original Dracula – the broody, moody, mysterious titular character of Bram Stoker’s literary classic – is the quintessential vampire.

He may be a distillation of European folklore and the scheming 15th century Romanian prince Vlad Tepes. But, as pop culture antiheroes go, Dracula sets the standard.

Think of Bela Lugosi in 1931’s DRACULA or GARY OLDMAN when he reprised the role in 1992.

What is it about vampires that we find so fascinating? They’re scary, but also charming, sexy and sophisticated when not playing into the cliché of flowing capes and slicked back coifs.

They’re supposed to be evil, but that much more attractive when they fight their natural instinct on behalf of good. This explains the current craze over modern characters like Edward Cullen, Bill Compton, the Vampire Diaries crew or Amy, the little vampire girl from Iowa who holds the fate of the world in her hands in Justin Cronin’s The Passage (a great summer read).

Like clockwork, every few years, we fall under the spell of vampires.

This latest obsession, fueled by Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight saga and HBO’s True Blood, is particularly gripping – New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd recently confessed her undying crush on Dracula. Even iTunes has succumbed to Vampire Weekend.

In fact, vampires make for great drama. Some of the most seductive characters in literature and on screen have been vividly embodied by these immortal creatures.

While my boys all said their 123s with Sesame Street’s Count von Count, I watched reruns of THE ADDAMS FAMILY and THE MUNSTERS.

MORTICIA ADDAMS and LILY MUNSTER played both vamps and sixties homemakers to perfection while siring an elegant form of goth chic from the slimming, plunging black ensembles to pin straight hair and dramatic makeup.

(Decades later, the look still crops up on fashion’s runways every few seasons in the form of black lace, sexy severe silhouettes, crosses and enticing red lipstick.)

The latest Hollywood buzz is that JOHNNY DEPP signed on to play Barnabas Collins in Tim Burton’s remake of the sixties soap Dark Shadows. But he is just one of many Hollywood heavyweights who has slipped into that kind of dangerously compelling territory.


While the undead clearly make for great drama, they also make for great romance.

Love is, after all, the reason Dracula became Dracula – why Twilight’s Bella is so ready to lose her humanity in favor of vampirehood. Blogs are alive, discussing True Blood’s current Bill/Sookie/Eric triangle.

It mirrors Buffy The Vampire Slayer’s Angel/Buffy/Spike triangle, from the powerfully resilient righteous blonde caught in the middle to how passionately fans have picked sides.

Yet here again, I think back to the original Dracula’s doomed love. You know he’s no good for Mina, but you still root for them to live happily ever after.

No matter what.


  1. Love is, after all, the reason Dracula became Dracula – why Twilight’s Bella is so ready to lose her humanity in favor of vampirehood.

    i’m sure plenty of people would trade humanity for the vampire life even without love factoring in…

  2. God…

    Do you think so, glim?

    They’ve romanticized that lifestyle all out of proportion in films. Easy enough to do seeing as it doesn’t exist.

    But there are certainly enough complications around it. Like dinner, for example.

    Can’t see how that would be particularly pleasant.

  3. yeah i think so.

    vampires even the evil ones/ala like serial killers are often portrayed in films have a lot of traits that are desired you know ultra smart/resourceful/maybe even easy on the eyes…

    on the surface they have multiple traits that are considered good. something many would like to have. i guess it’s too bad about dinner and it’s too bad about the cool guy being a killer too.

    not the best example but you recently did a julia roberts post. the guy she was with in sleeping with the enemy on the surface people would think julia had cool guy.

    a good catch/cool guy.

    oh but what they didn’t know…

    anyway like the guy in sleeping with the enemy didn’t care. he made julia’s character’s life hell. many wouldn’t care about the problems a vampire may have with dinner. hell as long as it went ok for them. some would have little sympathy for the victims.

    (note: i think living forever does seem like a curse to me though. is that a good thing? better than aging?)

    and some would be more than ok with killing if they thought they could get by with it. ala as it seems most vampires in film have been getting by with it for centuries, whatever.

    the problems you think a vampire would have could be better than the life a person currently has. plus a vampire you may have easier time finding love than as mortal. vampires in film seem to do mostly ok. ha ha…

    actually more than ok since they seem to often have relationships with people that are very high up one their desirability list. not much settling for a vampire only the best ha ha.

    (sorry to put that evil twist on the vampire love thing. but lets get that out there. that slant on being vampire love.well you know it’s usually goes the other the way.the way you mention. i had to mention something a bit more embarrassing. ha ha…)

    not much of a spoiler but in the film thirst the vampire priest gets blood from hospitals. hell if you’re gonna pray for someone that’s in a coma or put under you may as well get some blood too right???


    with all the vampire mania circa now. sure plenty would take chance at the vampire thing.

    so by big media. a vampire i linked with being ultra smart you’d become a expert in like 7,000 fields. some of these are rather esoteric.

    you become someone that sexually desirable. i’d get a high pain/resistance injury threshold. hell i wish i was vampire *right now* so i wouldn’t have to go to the dentist. gonna have to go soon. i’m too afraid to go. do vampires fear things like this??? we all know vampires have good teeth… 😉

    vampires usually somehow have money. hell i wish i had money…

    vampires are are also usually confident and good thinkers on their feet. neither of which are specialties of mine. oops…

    the dinner problem. i don’t know maybe if i become a vampire i could work around it. seems vampire stuff gets re written/re arranged depending
    on well whatever the author wants…

    so the twilight vampires are ok with sunlight???

    maybe if i could became a vampire i could work around the dinner problem. ha ha…

    hmm if had a vampire offer. i don’t know. something to think about. would it be worse than my life now??? trade offs???

    anyway i’m not too interested in vampires/zombies etc and whatever…

    but i realize how much i hate doing anything/making decisions.

    so maybe the vampire life isn’t for me. ha ha…

    i should be a vampire just to be the only uncool vampire ever. 🙂

    plus if i became a vampire my powers would likely be beyond beyond off the scale with my ultra pure virgin blood. yeah. *ha ha*

    anyway i’m not that interested in vampires. maybe they’re just too cool for me… 😉

  4. note… i think tory *is* worried about vampires. whatever she’s wearing around her neck pretty much makes an outline similar to a cross.

    everyone should wear something similar at all times to keep those vampires at bay.

    tory is wise… 🙂

  5. I don’t think this culture is doing any favours glamourizing serial killers. They’re so depraved you can’t really call them human beings.

    I guess the stories that they’re part of can be quite gripping or compelling on screen or on television. But I think it’s kind of a negative phenomenon.

    The world would be a better place without those morons.

    Vampires, on the other hand, are cool and sexy. Generally non threatening because they don’t really exist.

    Yeah, JULIA’S character in SLEEPING WITH THE ENEMY was almost in way over her head with that evil jackass. But she did get rid of him…and that was particularly glorious.

    Many wouldn’t care about the problems a vampire may have with dinner.

    Unless, of course, you were the meal being served up. But life’s all about perception, isn’t it?

    Yeah, I don’t think living forever would necessarily be a good thing. We only go around once that we know of. I think if you live well and give it everything you’ve got, once should be enough. And I feel that 100 years (or thereabouts) is certainly sufficient.

    I don’t know about the vampires in TWILIGHT. Can they go around in sunlight? Do they break those rules? Vampires aren’t supposed to be gallivanting around during the day.

    I haven’t seen those films. So I really don’t know.

    Can’t understand why anyone would want to be a vampire, honey bear. I see endless amounts of difficulties in that existence that are far more challenging than this particular life. By a long shot.

    I genuinely think you’re better off, glimster. As in much. Trust me on this.

    Don’t be afraid of the dentist, my darling. Go and get it over with. The sooner you go the sooner it’s done. Then you can go out, play and have some fun. You’ll have something to look forward to.


    I think you’re very cool. Cooler than a vampire. When are you going to get some of that confidence that I keep talking to you about? Soon, I hope.

    TORY is wise. She’s thoroughly awesome and she’s an incredible designer too.

    You don’t need to be a vampire, glim. All you have to be is yourself.

    There are enough bloodsuckers on the internet as it is…

  6. i’m going to the dentist saturday. unless i bail…ha…

    i think in meyerland/twilight the vampires can do the daylight thing…

    so whatever can get changed. change it all…

    When are you going to get some of that confidence that I keep talking to you about? Soon, I hope.

    ebay??? 😉

  7. You can’t avoid the dentist, glimster.

    No way in hell. Just go and get it over with. Then you can concentrate on things that are more fun.

    Ha ha ha. You’re hysterical.

    Yeah, ebay. You can find anything you want there.

    Or almost anything. Make sure you order your confidence on line. You’re going to need it.

    Sooner or later.

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