If you were a girl growing up in the Pacific Northwest in the 80s and 90s like I did, the chances were excellent that you were a big fan of the band HEART.

The group showcased the genius of two amazing rock and roll queens: sisters ANN and NANCY WILSON.

LEAH GREENBLATT of EW has a fascinating inteview with NANCY.

She rarely talks to the press. She’s marvelously intelligent and articulate.

NANCY discusses the realities of being a woman in the music industry (then and now), having an iconic persona, the origin of the song BARRACUDA and the release of the band’s new CD RED VELVET CAR.

It hits stores on AUGUST 31.

For more, please go here


  1. But at our show, we have little kids, we have teenagers, college kids and people our age and people older than us, coming out to our shows. Heart is fun for the whole family! It’s really lovely to see the past connecting to the future.

    and it means something different for each segment. i’d like to know the difference(s).

    but as sort of hinted in a further reply. everybody likes everything now.

    unless i like it. *ha ha*

    liked the talk on gender that popped up early in the interview. mix gendered bands made my favourite music…

  2. mix gendered bands made my favourite music.

    I remember you did tell me that once upon a time, glimster.

    HEART is a fabulous band. NANCY and ANN are my girlhood heroes.

    So talented and gorgeous…and they’re still out there doing it.

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