Here are highlights of the fall film slate. Dates are subject to change and some films will play in limited release.


THE AMERICAN: GEORGE CLOONEY plays an assassin who finds romance and tranquility in the Italian countryside as he prepares for one last assignment.

BURIED: An American driver (RYAN REYNOLDS) in Iraq wakes up buried in a coffin with only a dying cellphone and a lighter.

JACK GOES BOATING: PHILIP SEYMOUR HOFFMAN directs and stars as an awkward limo driver who finds the prospect of romance with another shy soul (AMY RYAN).

LEE DANIELS PRESENTS: PRINCE OF BROADWAY: PRECIOUS director LEE DANIELS is a producer on this tale of a street hustler suddenly faced with fatherhood.

LIKE DANDELION DUST: MIRA SORVINO stars in a drama of a custody dispute between the biological parents of a 4 year old boy and the people that adopted him.

LOVELY, STILL: A lonely old man (MARTIN LANDAU) gets a fresh taste of romance with a mystery woman (ELLEN BURSTYN).

MACHETE: A Mexican ex police officer (Danny Trejo) seeks vengeance against the organization that betrayed him. With ROBERT DE NIRO and JESSICA ALBA.

THE TOWN: BEN AFFLECK directs and stars as a bank robber who falls for a woman (REBECCA HALL) his gang took hostage on their last job.

WALL STREET: MONEY NEVER SLEEPS: MICHAEL DOUGLAS and OLIVER STONE resurrect financial shark Gordon Gekko amid the 2008 meltdown. With SHIA LaBEOUF.

YOU AGAIN: A woman and her mother (KRISTEN BELL and JAMIE LEE CURTIS) face their old high school rivals at a family wedding. With SIGOURNEY WEAVER.



THE COMPANY MEN: A sales executive (BEN AFFLECK) copes with hard times after his company downsizes. With TOMMY LEE JONES, KEVIN COSTNER.

CONVICTION: HILARY SWANK stars as a woman on an 18 year crusade to clear her brother (SAM ROCKWELL) on a murder conviction.

HEREAFTER: MATT DAMON stars in CLINT EASTWOOD’S drama about an American, Frenchwoman and London boy whose lives cross after they’re touched by death.

LET ME IN: A troubled boy (Kodi Smit McPhee) finds friendship with a young vampire (CHLOE MORETZ) in an adaptation of the best seller LET THE RIGHT ONE IN.

LIFE AS WE KNOW IT: A quarrelsome pair (KATHERINE HEIGL and JOSH DUHAMEL) must set aside their differences to care for their orphaned goddaughter.

NOWHERE BOY: Young JOHN LENNON (AARON JOHNSON) suffers through mother issues in the formative years of THE BEATLES. With KRISTIN SCOTT THOMAS.

RED: Former agents (BRUCE WILLIS, MORGAN FREEMAN, HELEN MIRREN and JOHN MALKOVICH) are caught in a deadly pursuit as they seek to uncover a CIA conspiracy.

SECRETARIAT: DIANE LANE stars as the woman who pushed the legendary horse to a Triple Crown victory in 1973. With JOHN MALKOVICH.

THE SOCIAL NETWORK: Director DAVID FINCHER chronicles the drama behind the founding of Facebook. With Jesse Eisenberg and Justin Timberlake.

STONE: A prison inmate (EDWARD NORTON) uses his wife (MILLA JOVOVICH) to manipulate a parole officer (ROBERT DE NIRO).

TAMARA DREWE: STEPHEN FREARS directs a British pastoral romp about a writer (Gemma Arterton) whose homecoming sends her village into an uproar.

WILD TARGET: An assassin (BILL NIGHY) picks up an apprentice (RUPERT GRINT) and falls for an intended victim (EMILY BLUNT) in this British crime comedy.


BURLESQUE: A restaurant server (Christina Aguilera) aspires to take the stage at the flashy lounge where she works. With CHER, STANLEY TUCCI, KRISTEN BELL, JULIANNE HOUGH.

FAIR GAME: NAOMI WATTS and SEAN PENN star in a drama about CIA operative VALERIE PLAME, whose cover was blown by a Bush administration leak.

HARRY POTTER & THE DEATHLY HALLOWS: PART 1: The teen wizard (Daniel Radcliffe) hits the highway en route for his final showdown with the evil Voldemort.

THE KING’S SPEECH: Queen Elizabeth II’s dad, King George VI (COLIN FIRTH), works with a therapist (GEOFFREY RUSH) to overcome a speech impediment.

LOVE & OTHER DRUGS: A slick Viagra salesperson (JAKE GYLLENHAAL) falls for a free spirited woman (ANNE HATHAWAY).

MADE IN DAGENHAM: Women at a British Ford plant fight for the same pay as male coworkers in the 1960s. With SALLY HAWKINS, BOB HOSKINS.

MORNING GLORY: A tough newsperson (HARRISON FORD) and an ex beauty queen (DIANE KEATON) clash after a TV producer (RACHEL McADAMS) pairs them as morning news hosts.

THE NEXT THREE DAYS: A man (RUSSELL CROWE) plots to break his wife (ELIZABETH BANKS) out of prison after she’s convicted in a murder she claims she didn’t commit.

TANGLED: MANDY MOORE provides the voice of Rapunzel in an animated musical about the fairy tale teen with really long hair.

UNSTOPPABLE: Denzel Washington and Chris Pine try to hit the brakes on a runaway train loaded with deadly toxins. Tony Scott directs.


ANOTHER YEAR: MIKE LEIGH directs an ensemble tale of friends and relations struggling for love and connections. With JIM BROADBENT.

BLACK SWAN: A ballet dancer (NATALIE PORTMAN) finds her dark side emerging in competition with a rival (MILA KUNIS) for the lead in SWAN LAKE.

BLUE VALENTINE: RYAN GOSLING and MICHELLE WILLIAMS star in a drama about the hopeful beginning and agonizing disintegration of a marriage.

THE CHRONICLES OF NARNIA: THE VOYAGE OF THE DAWN TREADER: C.S. LEWIS’ fantasy series continues aboard a magical sea voyage. With TILDA SWINTON.

COUNTRY STRONG: GWYNETH PALTROW plays a fallen country star aiming to revive her career on a tour with a rising songwriter (Garrett Hedlund). With TIM McGRAW.

THE DEBT: HELEN MIRREN and SAM WORTHINGTON star in a thriller about a Mossad agent taking care of unfinished business involving a Nazi butcher.

THE FIGHTER: MARK WAHLBERG and CHRISTIAN BALE star in a boxing drama about brothers going in opposite directions who rally to triumph in the ring.

GULLIVER’S TRAVELS: JACK BLACK is Jonathan Swift’s wandering hero in a modern take on Gulliver’s visit to the tiny people of Lilliput. With Emily Blunt.

HOW DO YOU KNOW: REESE WITHERSPOON, OWEN WILSON, PAUL RUDD and JACK NICHOLSON star in a comedy about a woman torn between her ballplayer boyfriend and a new man.

LITTLE FOCKERS: ROBERT DE NIRO and BEN STILLER resume their uneasy in law relationship in the latest in the MEET THE PARENTS franchise.

MIRAL: A Palestinian girl struggles through her youth in war torn East Jerusalem. With FREIDA PINTO, WILLEM DAFOE and VANESSA REDGRAVE.

NIGHT CATCHES US: A former Black Panther (ANTHONY MACKIE) has an uneasy homecoming to his old neighbourhood in 1976. With KERRY WASHINGTON.

SOMEWHERE: Director SOFIA COPPOLA spins the story of a party boy actor (STEPHEN DORFF) reassessing his life when his daughter (ELLE FANNING) comes to visit.

THE TEMPEST: In a gender switch, HELEN MIRREN stars as sorcerer Prospera in director JULIE TAYMOR’S take on SHAKESPEARE’S island fantasy.

THE TOURIST: JOHNNY DEPP and ANGELINA JOLIE star in a thriller about a brokenhearted man swept up in danger on a visit to Italy.

TRON: LEGACY: JEFF BRIDGES reprises his role from 1982’s TRON as a video game genius whose son (Garrett Hedlund) ventures into a cyber realm to find his dad.

TRUE GRIT: JEFF BRIDGES is boozy law enforcer Rooster Cogburn in JOEL and ETHAN COEN’S remake of the JOHN WAYNE western. With MATT DAMON.

YOGI BEAR: DAN AYKROYD and JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE provide the voices of Yogi and his pal Boo Boo in a big screen take on the cartoon bear.

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