There’s a certain amount of stuff that gets published that’s ultimately filler or used to make up the daily quota. I always hope that it’s sufficiently entertaining and interesting to readers.

But it gets put up because something has to be.

However, every now and then an article is brought to my attention and I’m eminently jazzed to have it here at the site.

This is one of those times.

JIM’S work on THE BIG BANG THEORY is one of the finest comedic performances on television right now.

I am incredibly happy for him. Congratulations on your well deserved EMMY, JIM.

JIM PARSONS and ERIC STONESTREET – who took home the LEAD and SUPPORTING COMEDY ACTOR AWARDS at the EMMYS on Sunday – both love their mothers dearly. But only one of them will be handing over his EMMY for her to keep.

“He was so sweet,” JIM told PEOPLE after ERIC promised his mom she could take his trophy home. But JIM couldn’t quite muster the courage to follow that magnanimous gesture.

“My mother will not be getting this Emmy,” he said with a smile.

“She can visit it.”

ERIC, who based his MODERN FAMILY character Cameron partly on his mother JAMIE, was able to thank her in person. She was in the audience on Sunday.

JIM, who won for his work as Sheldon Cooper on THE BIG BANG THEORY, called his mom while on his way to the Governors Ball after the show – and found her very emotional.

“My mother sounded very good. But [she was] still crying which was really sweet. And it was over two hours since it had happened, so I hope she’s OK.”

JIM said the whole night was surreal, particularly the moment his name was called and he walked up to accept the award.

“I felt like: this could be a dream.”

He added that he doesn’t have a special place in mind for where to keep the trophy. But he has a few ideas.

“I have a bookcase. I also play the piano. I could put it on top of a piano.”

“Is that odd?”

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