Summertime & the living is easy
Fish are jumping
And the cotton is high

Oh God, yes.

What can I state for the record today? Some things are blatantly obvious.

Here’s a quote that I came across recently…

I brought her ten roses. Nine real and one manufactured. I told her I would love her until the last one dies.

That sums it up rather succinctly. That’s also precisely the way that I feel.

Our Friday musical highlight is one of my all time favourite classics – the definitive version of SUMMERTIME, sung by two legendary luminaries: ELLA FITZGERALD and LOUIS ARMSTRONG.

I swear I will sing this one day in front of an audience. Nothing will ever come close to this particular version. But I’ll give it a damn good run.

Speaking of uncontrollable summer heat…

Some jackass is also going to a very warm place. There will be no escape.

That’s just the way it all shakes out. We make our beds. Then we have to lie in them.

Over and over and over again.

You can’t let anyone like that get in the way of your precious personal fulfillment. Nobody’s going to spoil my fun.

I won’t allow it.

So build that glorious bonfire, kids. Let it burn brightly. Forever.

Some things are definitely worth waiting for. When that golden ring presents itself, grab it and don’t let go.

It’s time for me to exit. Stage left…

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