THE ROLLING STONES have hit their peak again in 2010, this time in the form of a rarely seen rereleased movie of a 1972 concert.

LADIES & GENTLEMEN…THE ROLLING STONES was originally released in late 1973 in Britain, but the film was not widely shown. The digitally remastered version, which made its global premiere on Tuesday in London, shows THE STONES at their best – belting out classics like YOU CAN’T ALWAYS GET WHAT YOU WANT, BROWN SUGAR and JUMPIN JACK FLASH along with newer tunes like TUMBLING DICE and RIP THIS JOINT.

The latter songs were on the 1972 album EXILE ON MAIN STREET, which was also remastered and rereleased this year to great acclaim.

None of the current ROLLING STONES members that are in the movie ā€” MICK JAGGER, KEITH RICHARDS and CHARLIE WATTS ā€” made it for the premiere, but former bassist BILL WYMAN was in attendance. He was with the band for 30 years but quit in 1992 to explore other musical opportunities.

Although MICK JAGGER wasn’t there, a short interview with the lead singer was played on screen before the movie began.

“Everyone’s very together and on,” MICK said in the interview, which was recorded about six weeks ago in London.

“I can remember The Rolling Stones being very, kind of, lackadaisical, very sloppy band on stage. But this was obviously not the case on this day.”

The 1972 tour was THE STONES at their peak, or at least at the tail end of it.

The five year period leading up to that year is generally regarded as the band’s prime.

From BEGGARS BANQUET in 1968 through LET IT BLEED in 1969 and STICKY FINGERS in 71, THE STONES were the ultimate rock & roll band, playing hard and partying harder.

The movie, pieced together from several different concerts played in Texas, was digitally remastered and will be shown in theatres around the world in the coming weeks.

The DVD and Bluray versions are set to be released in October, according to Eagle Rock Entertainment chief operating officer Geoff Kempin.

THE ROLLING STONES also released STONES IN EXILE this year, a documentary about the making of EXILE ON MAIN STREET.

“(Mick Jagger is) very strategic about where and when he wants stuff released,” Geoff Kempin said.

The movie opens with a black screen and some background noise. Then the lights come on and CHARLIE WATTS starts banging on his drums as the band breaks into BROWN SUGAR.

Throughout the movie, the clothes change as the concert footage switches from show to show, but the music remains crisp and tight. MICK personifies the attitude of the band at the time by taking a couple of swigs from a big bottle of Jack Daniels.

The footage also harkens back to the days when playing concerts was more intimate for the band because the stages were so small, especially compared to later tours when MICK JAGGER would constantly be on the move – sometimes even running through the crowd with security guards all around him.

And with no additional vocals and only some keyboards and percussion in support, the sound was more raw.

The movie features 15 songs without interruption, finishing off with STREET FIGHTING MAN.

“It was,” MICK remarked, “a good choice of songs.”


  1. hmm…

    i don’t get the rolling stones.

    but then again i never get smart or sexy music.

    where are the girl repellent rock bands at???

    why whenever on cin passions (yes i think i did) i mention a band (or rather a male guitarist) that got made fun of by a club/employee/metal/industrial band guy and a zine now record label guy for such things as not being able to get girls or for perfecting the girls say away from me look and of course the music wasn’t helping them in the get females dept and of course the music didn’t have any appeal for the guys y’all.

    (i hate the guys…)

    now that was music i liked. no one would label it as smart or sexy. and well pretty much no one would likely label it as worthwhile either.

    *ha ha*

    don’t think a female would hear this music and want to sleep with the guitarist, not even in theory. the guys would hate it because it wasn’t metal/punk or trad rock. and the lack of the stupid usual play three chords stuff wouldn’t help either.

    hmm i like that recording. and wowo the guitarists look both wimpy and unfashionable. and despite being a rock band, i believe that they have do have a problem getting girls.

    ha ha…

    wow hmm that was good music. of course they broke up.

    because who gives a damn???

    no, ms. m. *too much* sexy music.

    so sick of it. so much trad rock. so sick of it.

    hmm don’t losers deserve to have music to listen to??? guess not. but we’ll always have the rolling stones.

    *rolls eyes*


    mick jagger. f*ck him.

    thanks for helping ruin rock. but hey as long as things go well for everyone else that’s what counts right???

    i really hate sexy music. (or what’s labeled as such.) do i hear music differently than everyone else on the planet???

    the stones get enough acclaim and i’m not giving them two percent.

    so as a loser what element of the stones’ music is supposed to grab me??? *ha ha*

    but i know according to the rules of rock and life, losers aren’t even supposed to have music to listen to.

    hell, even people that do drugs always have seem to have music made for them

    see. you know no one cares. oh yeah….

    *further rolls eyes*

    so the cool rolling stones. no.

    guitarists that were in a band that were non sexy in a band but yet couldn’t get girls despite not being ultramacho/not showing any hate towards females. yes.

    i know that sounds insane. but the question(s) remains the same. rock stars like the stones are partially to blame.

    everyone is to blame.

    funny/sad if if that band with the non sexy guitarist did the same cd but five times better that still has no chance of impressing most. no chance at all they could be themselves but five times better and have no traits that would appeal to get them girls or even stop the ridicule from the guys.

    it’s always for last place. why be a better you when the path is set for cool guys/bands????

    why be better when you have no chance at anything because of what’s considered being good (if you think i’m joking remember how many lame alternative/indie bands are just trad rock and people eat it up. look at the popularity they get and those types of bands will continue to get….)

    why be what i consider a good band when you have no chance at money/good reveiws or getting girls???

    there’s never anything to listen too. the question remains the same.

    and everyone is to blame.

    and i never liked the stones.

    so i guess i got another decade of nothing to listen to.


  2. I guess my work is cut out for me right here and now.

    glim, glim, glim, baby…

    Your rants are just astonishing. Rage against the dying of the light. You might as well speak your mind while you’re here.

    And on that basis, I’m absolutely with you. Every single step of the way.

    Look, my lil southern honey bear. Musical taste (much like beauty or any kind of sexiness/sensuality) is strictly subjective. Always has been. Always will be.

    When a lot of people (or the majority) jump all over it, then it becomes popular by that particular process. But not everybody will like it or think it’s fantastic.

    glim, you know that not everyone will agree on what’s sexy or gorgeous or appealing musically. I do dig some things that are embraced by the mainstream…and then I go my own way.

    You can’t be concerned about that. People are drawn to whatever works for them. You have an affinity for the things that mean something to you.

    Don’t worry about the rest of the world.

    I diverge on two points. You’re not a loser, my darling. You’re a unique iconoclastic soul that thinks outside of the box. That’s an exceedingly rare and precious thing.

    At some point you’ll remember that I told you this. The moment that it becomes clear will be the day that your life changes drastically.

    Then there’s the other thing.

    THE ROLLING STONES are my all time favourite band. They share that title with THE BEATLES.

    It’s the Anglophile in me. They made spectacular sounds that changed the world and popular music as we know it. I really can’t choose between them.

    I’d give THE BEATLES four days out of every week as my all time favourites and then THE STONES the other three days. It’s much too difficult for me to pick.

    Yeah, THE STONES’ music is sexy. They were badasses. But if I had been alive back in the day I never would have slept with any of them. I admire the artistry. But as men they didn’t do a damn thing for me.

    On the other hand…

    THE BEATLES were all very appealing (yeah…even RINGO – he had a great sense of humour) in that fresh faced well scrubbed way.

    I’m no fool. That was mostly image. They did do drugs and they were wanted by practically every woman on the planet at the time. I’m sure those boys had their share.

    But innocence (that kind of sweet sensitive adorability that certain men positively radiate with) is an exceptionally powerful aphrodisiac for quite a number of women.

    The ultimate is someone who projects all of those qualities but really knows what he’s doing. It doesn’t get much better than that. Other women can have the rough and ready jackhammer studs.

    If someone worships you and cares about your feelings, then all you’re concerned with is their contentment and happiness. That’s all that really matters.

    But that music…

    So it doesn’t get you going at all, glimby? That’s a wicked shame. These are the songs that I grew up adoring.

    I will love them till I die.


    Mick Jagger. Fuck him.

    Ha ha. glim, you’re terrible.

    Doesn’t do it for me. In terms of that remark, I’d really rather not.


  3. why do i even bother doing this? yep, a reason for the big delay…

    a song by a band that had jokes made about them. about not being able to get girls.

    a song by live skull circa the dusted cd.

    do i really have to say much??? but yet there is so much to say… *ha ha*


    it doesn’t matter if you like this even 2%. it’s so late, i’m too old and music is too over. the battles have been fought and bad guys/girls have won. but hey they have everything anyway.

    ok *what* did they have???

    this is *important* because it will get across a few points i’m been saying since for forever. and now it’s gonna get clearer for you, ms. m.

    transparent or not…

    ok listen will anyone label this sexy music??? no. smart music??? no.

    anyone gonna label it hot??? nope.

    and since this predates the stupid rock generation…

    nope, i’ll never miss a chance to put down nirvana etc. why could this be considered alternative/good??? is it the lack of penis rock/riff rock/trad rock sonics???

    yep you *know* that’s factoring in. i hope everyone’s f**king happy.

    is it because the guys will listen to this and not get it??? but they push crap like nirvana to the top. so much for alternative even pretending to be different.

    but yeah maybe if i had sex i’d like nirvana. their penis rock sonics and gonad growls don’t seem to bother anyone else.

    listening to music (5-d) it’s very easy to see how the jokes about not being able to get girls stick.

    this doesn’t fit anyway whatever patterns of drive females wild music/persona. and maybe more interesting not fitting the for the guys (y’all) tone of most music/film.

    the guys would hate this. but i forget. they get to have sex. so why would they need music like this????

    ok listen.

    lie skull were mixed gendered. now what did i tell you about mix gendered bands? remember i always tell you how different they sound and how you can usually tell a band is mix gendered just via the sonics. this may not be the best example but it’s a good one.

    if the rolling stones had a female or two in the band they would still suck though. *ha ha* šŸ™‚

    oh but it gets better, ms. m.

    got band photos/cd cover of the last line up of live skull. the guy in the black leather jacket and the guy with the black whatever on his hat was the guitarist.

    would females want to have sex with them? probably not.

    are they snazzy dressers? nope. hot guys? nope. hot bodies? nope.

    guy cred??? nope.

    hmm look at them. why don’t hot guys play like this??? because they get females??? because they want good reviews???

    ha ha…

    why can’t a guy type of hot guy/hot body type ever play like this???

    a hot guy would never play this way.

    but it’s considered ok/cool whatever if the live skull kids did their music five times better, they still wouldn’t be considered even 2% as good as the stones or whatever hot music/hot guy stuff people go crazy over.

    they have no chance.

    i have no chance…and i don’t even play an instrument.

    so no, ms. m.

    less sexy music. more the non orgasmic rock. less glamour and more unmarketable awkwardness.

    less hot people making lame music. more awkward people making music for the sexless. šŸ™‚

    but oh i forgot sexless people don’t even deserve music. let me see what’s popular with indie/alternative.

    nope. i guess i don’t even deserve music.

    why can’t pop bands out themselves as being a bit guitary???

    everyone now alternative and each year/each time i pay attention music sounds worse than ever.

    what is this crap???

    people that have sex are further ruining everything…and they have everything.

    i joke about it/but i wonder why my hearing/way of mentally interacting with music is different from well pretty much everyone.

    i guess not having sex does that.

    i guess having no artistic respect for the rolling stones does that do.

    we need less rock swagger and more guitars that never counted.

  4. All valid points, my precious lil glimster.

    However, I do diverge on a few things. You know I love Nirvana. But I’m totally cool with the fact that you don’t dig them.

    At all.

    Yeah, I listened to that song. It wasn’t bad. They sound a bit like Rush. But I liked your band better.

    I also don’t think (judging by that photo) that any of those people are as unattractive as you stated.

    We’ve been over this a million times. Ha ha. So I know you are aware of this, my darling southern man.

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Always has been. Always will be. It’s entirely subjective.

    Sex is a very big deal for some of us. But it comes and goes for everyone. Literally. Until you meet the love of your life.

    Glamorous people have their ups and downs. Just like everyone else. Trust me on this. It’s not a party 24/7 for anyone. Life can be difficult and complicated. It can throw you some fairly harsh curve balls on occasion too.

    But you don’t stop until you get some of the things that you want. Then you can finally be grateful…and continue working on the rest of it.

    I’ve had one of those years where everything changed drastically for the better. But it took a while to get there.

    And I had no idea that some of this would ever happen. Or at least take place at this particular juncture.

    If these kinds of events could transpire for me, then fabulous things can happen for anybody. You have to believe in something, glim.

    You might as buy into that. You’re a nice guy and you’ve been an excellent friend. The good times will arrive. I can’t give you the exact date. But I’m sure they’ll be here.

    You’re probably sick of hearing me say that. But I never waste my time talking for nothing.

    It’ll get better. I’m hardly ever wrong about these things.

    Have a little faith, glim.

  5. no prediction looks that strong/when rehearsal takes so long.

  6. glim, I don’t believe that. Certainly not in your case.

    Sometimes you just have to drive – long and hard – until you see daylight. It can be a tempestuous never ending monumentally precarious cruise.

    I know all about it.

    However, there comes a time (for almost everyone) when all of that fades and things get easier. That’s not to say that you won’t continue to have peaks and valleys. Everyone does.

    But things generally work out in the end.

    Wonderful things happen to good people. Just keep going.

    One day you’ll tell me I was right.

    Trust me.

  7. ok. ms. m. i should look on the upside.

    please let it not be said my sense of humour isn’t in place. šŸ™‚

    thanks for the words.

  8. glim, you’re a wonderful guy.

    There are plenty of women out there that could appreciate you. Probably a hell of a lot more than you would ever believe.

    Yeah, a lot of chicks do seem to go for these alpha male jackasses. That’s because they’re letting their hormones do the talking for them. Those dudes are idiots. That type of guy (until he evolves…and that will be a long time coming, if ever) will never make them happy.

    I don’t know why chicks don’t get this. But many of them don’t until they grow up a bit.

    Some women do prefer sensitive men. If they’re shy and sweet, all the better. You know that they’ll be devoted to you. They’ll understand what they have with you is special and they’ll be grateful.

    That’s the way I’ve always done it.

    I don’t like bullies. If someone’s petty or mean I wouldn’t stay in the same room with him for two seconds. How someone treats other people (not just you…) will tell you a hell of a lot right there.

    glim, try to be a bit more outgoing (even if it kills you) and smile at women. Even if you don’t say much, just smile. It puts other people at ease and lets them know that you’re trying to be friendly.

    Your day is coming, my darling boy. Everything will be fine.

    IMO there is nothing hotter than a sweet lovely guy who thinks you’re the queen and will do anything to make you happy.

    Nobody knows that better than me…

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