NICOLE KIDMAN said that she was feeling “very exposed and very nervous” as her new film RABBIT HOLE debuted at THE TORONTO INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL.

It’s the first time NICOLE has promoted a movie at a major film festival as a producer and she claimed that she felt a variety of complicated concerns as a result.

RABBIT HOLE is based on the PULITZER PRIZE winning play of the same name and examines life for parents after losing a child.

NICOLE and AARON ECKHART play spouses torn apart as they find themselves dealing with the insufferable grief in different ways.

The actor — who won an OSCAR for her portrayal of VIRGINIA WOOLF in 2002’s THE HOURS — stated that she drew on her love for her own three kids in preparing for the emotional role.

“(Thinking of my kids) just made me want to give so much and honour the truth of the piece for the parents that have been through this,” she commented at a news conference earlier today.

As a producer, she agonized over every facet of the film, she added.

“I’m responsible for this film so it’s a big weight. But I’m glad that we made it.”

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