Hollywood has no shortage of celebrities bewitched by VIKTOR & ROLF’S surrealist collections – and the feeling, it seems, is mutual.

“I think we have always been seduced by Hollywood, from a very young age,” said ROLF SNOEREN, as his mirror image partner in design VIKTOR HORSTING quickly chimed in to clarify.

“But let’s say the mystery – the old fashioned mystery. That’s what’s appealing. We like it when people or situations have a mystery and are not too attainable. As soon as something is up for grabs, it becomes less interesting.”

Last week the duo invited a few of their most intriguing famous friends, including model SHALOM HARLOW and singer ALISON GOLDFRAPP, to celebrate the five year birthday party of their scent FLOWERBOMB and help kick off FASHION WEEK.

“We wanted a really intimate party, so it was great to have all of our New York friends. For us it was like a real birthday party.”

But while they’ve all ready conquered the world of fragrance, would the Dutch team ever follow the path of designers like DOLCE & GABBANA and bring their catwalk visions to a cosmetics collection?

“We’d love to do makeup. That’s one of our dreams,” stated ROLF.

But just how would a cosmetics line from a label that has sourced everything from babushkas to black holes in their high concept runway shows look?

“Spectacular beauty,” VIKTOR asserted.

“I think our work is about spectacular beauty, be it fashion or beauty products.”

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