Since I started this site two years ago, I’ve said repeatedly that it is not a confessional.

But sometimes it is necessary to speak eloquently about some things.

So I’ll take a deep breath and jump.

First of all, I’m rethinking the movie reviews.

There are a combination of factors here. One of the main ones is that I’ve seen a lot of lousy films this year that just didn’t grab me. It’s important to be passionate and to be sufficiently engaged.

I have approximately 100 reviews in the archive. I think that I have proved (to myself as well as to the readership) that I can crank out a decent one if I have to.

In the future I don’t think I’ll do as many. It’s very likely that I’ll only discuss motion pictures that get to me on a particular level.

At the site, I’ve examined and deconstructed plenty of movies when I saw them in a negative light. Readers can take a stroll down memory lane whenever they want.

But from this point on I think I’ll generally champion films that have some special connection or meaning for me.

That’s subject to change. But that is the direction I’m thinking about at this juncture.

Now to the other…

It’s been an interesting week.

You know that old saying about how you should never meet notable individuals that you admire since you’re bound to be disappointed? One of the things that I’ve discovered through having this site is that my idols and the people that have inspired me (some for many years) are as wonderful as I’ve ever imagined.

It just blows my mind. You know that phrase beyond your wildest dreams?

That’s exactly right. And that is precisely what I said last Friday. I have the coolest readers on the planet.

I definitely do.

So thank you all endlessly for your kindness and your encouragement. I was going to say something specific but there were so many truly amazing people involved that I could go on forever.

But you know who you are. I am struggling to find the words to express my gratitude.

This is very similar to that situation last March with that trouble making skank who considers herself an entertainment journalist. No, I have not forgotten about her.

I never will either.

If you were here for that, I’m sure you can recall. If not, there’s probably somebody who can fill you in on all the necessary details.

Honestly, I know that I can’t take all the credit. My partner in crime is adored by me most of all. But everyone loves him. He’s far too modest to believe that. But it’s absolutely true.

So all of this goodwill (from last spring and now) has definitely made me rethink my long held views of the world.

Actually, it came just in time.

Here’s where the confession comes in. I have only talked to a handful of people about this. I emphatically did not want it to seem like bragging.

Things have progressed rapidly this year. My romantic life has been transformed significantly. All of these things are happening at the site.

And I am no longer anonymous in my home town. People know who I am now. I never expected this to happen. But it has.

Within the past few months, I am recognized all the time. It’s exquisitely surreal. I should be used to this. People have been looking at me since I was 14. But this is completely different.

Everyone has been perfectly lovely since this began. I don’t mind being gracious and warm. It’s my nature.

On occasion it gets a bit over the top, though. When I go to the movies and certain *ahem* trailers play, I can feel a shift in the room as other patrons look my way to see my reaction. That’s automatically followed by an enormous amount of giggling from various portions of the audience.

People mean well. I understand that. They’re just curious. But it makes you want to hide under your seat.

I don’t get it. How in the bloody hell did people find out about this? I have never talked about this in specific terms here. I don’t discuss my private life with anyone on line or off.

Not unless I have no other choice.

So how did this happen? Where the hell did I go wrong? I guess good news travels fast.

Yeah, you can write that down. That definitely qualifies as sarcasm.

Is all of this overwhelming at times? Absolutely. There’s no denying it.

This is what I wanted. I just never expected it to hit this big at this stage or have all of this come together at the same time.

But I’m learning to cope. I just have to remember to breathe. Something tells me that this is only the beginning.

So I’d better be able to adjust.

But because of that one recent incident with the reporter I have to constantly be on guard. I can never completely trust anyone that approaches me. I must be vigilant no matter what.

Incidentally, that chick never identified herself as press. I figured that out after the fact. She came out of the woodwork and struck up a conversation with me. She wanted to be my new best friend. The woman asked me questions about my relationship (which I refused to answer) and wanted to know if I would go out for coffee with her that evening or come hang out with her the following week.

Not a chance in hell. I told her nothing.

Anyone that you don’t know that seems inordinately interested in you right off the bat is trouble. People that want to get that close that fast are either completely crazy or they have an agenda.

In the final analysis, she’s irrelevant at best. She was an idiot. Not even very polished. I could see right through her.

I’m much more concerned with the demented jackass that sent her, that redheaded Boston scumbag. I haven’t forgotten about him either.

Not a problem. What he and that alleged writing wench from last spring are too stupid to realize is that almost everyone makes a mistake eventually. I don’t miss a trick. I’m too smart for that.

Most people mess up. Sooner or later. I don’t care how many years it takes. When they do, I’ll be there.

Waiting for them.

I don’t tolerate that kind of behaviour. There’s no forgiveness when it comes to morons like that. They’ll get everything they deserve.

I’ll make sure of that…on behalf of myself and the love of my life.

But if you work in the entertainment industry (and I’m aware that many of you do), you come across scuzzballs like that eventually.

So, our Friday musical highlight is dedicated to my fabulous readership. It’s one of my favourite videos ever and definitely appropriate in terms of the subject matter of this post.


Thank you so much for everything. I feel immensely blessed. You make all of this worthwhile.

Now it’s time for me to exit. Stage left…

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