You had to use your imagination to see the influential power of Joni Mitchell, Jack Kerouac and director Wim Wenders in the impressive catwalk show by actor SIENNA MILLER and designing sibling SAVANNAH MILLER at LONDON FASHION WEEK on Saturday.

But those were the inspirations the unique designing team of TWENTY8TWELVE cited for their Spring/Summer 2011 collection, a focal point of the second day of FASHION WEEK.

The crowd at the Old Sorting Office in central London seemed to include an unusually high number of young blonde women who styled their hair exactly like SIENNA MILLER — slightly wild and often parted down the middle.

Even the models used the SIENNA MILLER hairstyle and big sunglasses to give them the casual, glamorous look associated with the actor, who has appeared in ALFIE, INTERVIEW, STARDUST and other major films.

Known for creating a sexy rock chick vibe, SIENNA and SAVANNAH did not disappoint their fans, winning over the crowd with slinky minidresses, tight black cocktail gowns and a series of jersey outfits, some with revealing cutaways.

They offered a slouchy, comfortable look. There was a denim minidress with pink frilly details at the bottom, like a puffed up petticoat and some lovely lacework and antique embroidery embellished other outfits as well.

There were also a lot of earth tones included in the collection.

Afterwards, SAVANNAH MILLER — pronouncing herself exhausted and ready to rush home and see her kids — said she took some of her inspiration from early colour photographs by Paul Oterbridge from that remote region of America…and from the films and books that depict it.

“I just love the colours. It’s really nothing more than that.”

Their mission statement cited Jack Kerouac’s landmark beat novel ON THE ROAD as a major influence, along with JONI MITCHELL’S DON JUAN’S RECKLESS DAUGHTER album.

Actor JUDE LAW, SIENNA’S boyfriend, pronounced the show a success after viewing it from a front row seat.

“I don’t know how she finds the time to do it, but she spends lots and lots of time designing,” said JUDE, who particularly admired a short black cocktail dress and another outfit that featured a white shirt styled with a small cape on the back.

Some of the outfits were deceptively simple, like a plain white T paired with blue shirts and an undecorated white lacy minidress with a narrow black belt. There were a few denim shirts, suggestive of the American West theme.

The sisters drew heavy applause when they walked out hand in hand at the end of the show to briefly wave to the crowd.

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