This article is written by NICOLE BERRIE at THE HUFFINGTON POST

The term fashionably late was given new meaning at the LANVIN Spring/Summer 2011 show in Paris Friday evening, when a host of fashion editors were kept dawdling outside a warehouse for over an hour in the rain while last minute rehearsals continued inside.

Of course in style emergencies, comes style aid…and the oldest French fashion house swiftly sent out troops of tuxedo clad waiters complete with Elbazesque bow ties with silver trays bearing chocolate truffles and champagne in order to sway even the most disgruntled guest.

Once the lights finally dimmed, Mr. Elbaz sent out a parade of models donning ensembles of what could only be described as an ode to Grecian goddesses of the 21st century.

ETTA JAMES’ AT LAST provided a romantic backdrop for floor skimming skirts with saddle detailing, diamond encrusted (flat!) gladiator sandals and structured monochrome suits over thick leggings.

(Like it or not, they prevail.)

There was even a set of shocking neon silk pleated minis reminiscent of Issey Miyake and a trio of garbage bag nylon trenches – perfect for a rainy day.

Sitting front row were VOGUE editor in chief ANNA WINTOUR, FRENCH VOGUE’S EMMANUELLE ALT and ITALIAN VOGUE’S GIOVANNA BATTALGIA, who flaunted a cashmere scarf as a head wrap – a chic alternative to a cumbersome umbrella.

(Luckily, VOGUE’S GRACE CODDINGTON needn’t fret. Her signature fiery coiffure is impervious to circumstantial weather.)

Still, most flashbulbs were directed towards the Queen Of Pop JANET JACKSON, who rocked a demure look in a black turtleneck, while a few seats down LENNY KRAVITZ and DITA VON TEESE also held court in all noir.

After a small seating kerfuffle, Ikram Goldman (owner of Chicago boutique Ikram) studiously took notes, no doubt for the First Lady’s upcoming spring ensembles.

And the diminutive blogger Bryan Boy sat Indian style on the floor after finding that all the front row seats had been filled. Guess even at PARIS FASHION WEEK, people don’t mind getting down and dirty.

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