DIANE VON FURSTENBERG has draped women in her sexy wrap dresses for years…and now the iconic designer is turning her attention from fashionable frocks to fragrance and cosmetics.

Ms. Von Furstenberg, whose feminine and ever flattering cuts hold cross generational appeal, is joining forces with ID Beauty to create a complete cosmetics and skincare line – starting with a scent due out this fall, reports WWD.

“All I want is to make women feel like they can be the women they want to be,” she told the magazine.

The new venture will not be the style veteran’s first foray in beauty: She launched the perfume Tatiana, as well as a makeup line in the 70s, before selling both businesses in 1983.

“I have always been interested in the intimacy of the relationship between beauty products and women,” she explained.

“When you have such an intimate relationship with women, there is no way that you can do it more than with the beauty business.”


  1. diane’s getting a jump start in the ultra expansion area with a post at c.p. 🙂

    “All I want is to make women feel like they can be the women they want to be.”

    that can *mostly* be accomplished by dating me. 🙂


  2. That can *mostly* be accomplished by dating me.

    glimby, I couldn’t agree with you more. Exactement, my darling boy.

    Any girl that goes out with you is exceptionally lucky. But I’m sure she’ll be aware of that.

    DIANE has been one of my favourite designers for a long time. She has always created clothing that makes a woman look absolutely gorgeous.

    That’s something that can never be underestimated. I see a lot of stuff on runways and in magazines that’s ugly, impractical or completely ridiculous. Of course not all of that can be translated to street wear.

    I get it. They’re called fashion shows for a reason. It’s all about the spectacle.

    But I crave something that will make me feel incredible that isn’t over the top. DIANE has an intensely unique understanding of this.

    One of my aunts loved her Tatiana fragrance. If it was ever reissued (or she could find it anywhere), she’d purchase it in a millisecond.

    So I’m ecstatic to have Ms. Von Furstenberg back in the beauty business. She knows precisely what women want.

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