All things considered, I’m glad I found this video now. I was going to go with something else.

This is just perfect.

It’s extremely rare for me to have difficulties with people. But occasionally you come across these idiots that are a definitive argument for birth control.

You know the kind of people (and I use that word loosely…) that you wish would just drive off a cliff and do the world a favour?

I’ve sure all of you have met a number of them from time to time.

When it’s deliberate, malicious and intentional, there’s no forgiveness on my part. Once you get on the wrong side of me, you’re done for good.

It’s just like I was saying the other day.

There’s that scuzzy South Carolina skank that fancies herself as a writer. She should make it easier for everyone and put a B in front of her surname. The t is entirely optional.

There’s also that perverted redheaded Boston scumbag and his equally demented roly poly BFF.

True pieces of work. All three of them.

There are a few other individuals in the mix that I could mention. If you’re reading this and strongly believe that I’m referring to you, the likelihood is excellent that I am.

When the love of my life and I get finished with these cretins, they’ll wish they’d never been conceived.

We haven’t even begun. Incidentally, that’s the royal we, y’all.

In that spirit, our Friday musical highlight is FUCK YOU by CEE LO. Yeah, there is a sanitized version around. But I don’t believe in censorship at my site.

And before those two greasy slimeballs get all excited (believe me, it doesn’t take much…) the fuck you is merely figurative.

Not literal.

They’re just going to have to deal with it. But they’ll have lots of time to think about it in between trips to the clinic.

That’s all I have to say.

Remember this, my wondrous readers. The good side always wins. It may not happen overnight. But things do even out.


Take excellent care of yourselves and the people that are precious to you this weekend.

It’s time for me to exit. Stage left…


  1. ok. just for annoyance, perversion and for subject line play… 😉

    here’s the blood brothers with the lovely titled set fire to the face on fire

  2. Thanks, honey.

    Nicely done BTW. Very FIGHT CLUB.


    I’ve said a number of times on this site that I will not tolerate so called individuals attempting to mess with me or my loved ones.

    The fact that any of these scuzzy disgusting creeps would even try after I’ve been so adamant about it proves one thing to me unequivocally: they’re all emotionally f’ed up cretins with severe mental problems.

    So two of them got famous. So what? Hardly anyone was aware that they were thoroughly pathetic weasels until I started talking about it.

    The rest of the riff raff includes a very tiny group of ridiculously untalented morons who will never have anything or be anything. Too bad. But when you’re morally bankrupt and you still can’t get anywhere, that’s a terrible tragedy, isn’t it?


    Everyone loathes them in any case.

    Not a problem. This will all be taken care of eventually. We don’t care how long we have to wait.

    Scumbags deserve to be slapped down. HARD. If not obliterated off the face of the earth.

    There are plenty of people that are loyal to me that will assist me in this task.

    We’re just getting warmed up…

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