There’s rarely a dull moment on screen for EMMA ROBERTS. When she’s dressing for a premiere or a special event, the emerging fashionista likes to keep it just as interesting.

“I’ve just been doing different things,” the actor —and niece of screen legend JULIA ROBERTS — told PEOPLE a week ago at Spike TV’s Scream Awards in L.A.

“I think it’s fun to change it up. I don’t want to be boring.”

EMMA showed off a slightly wilder side in a PUCCI lace confection with Brian Atwood pumps at the ceremony.

“I’m [usually] pretty casual. I love just doing jeans and boots and a T shirt,” she explained.

“But when I go on the red carpet I like to be fun and just kind of wear whatever makes me feel comfortable.”

As for trying on new trends for fall?

“I’ve been trying the long dresses lately. But I think I’m too short,” revealed EMMA. (She’s 5’2″.) The actor has joined the ranks of Hollywood’s hottest shrieking stars, including MEGAN FOX and KRISTEN STEWART, as the newest member of SCREAM’S ensemble cast.

And while EMMA may not be afraid of experimenting with her style she admits that watching the original SCREAM gave her quite a scare.

“I watched half the movie with my eyes closed and my friends were like, ‘Emma, you’re gonna be in the next one. You can’t be covering your eyes while you’re watching the movie.’”


  1. i liked emma in lymelife…

  2. glimby, I heard that EMMA was terrific in LYMELIFE.

    According to IMDB, she did a couple of short bits in AMERICA’S SWEETHEARTS and BLOW. (I saw both.)

    But the very first substantial role that I ever viewed her in was NANCY DREW. Ironically enough in 2007 – considering the content I selected yesterday – I decided to go to a movie subsequent to an afternoon of shopping. There was a huge line up for DIE HARD IV. So I split and decided on NANCY DREW at another nearby multiplex that was much less crowded.

    That was a fun little movie that I really liked. EMMA was wonderful.

    Other than that, I’ve only seen her in IT’S KIND OF A FUNNY STORY. EMMA gives a fine performance in that. She has a genuine presence and she’s particularly engaging.

    I’ve been a big fan of her aunt JULIA for years now. There are a few similarities between the two. But EMMA’S beauty, talent, style and charisma are definitely her own.

    I’m really looking forward to seeing EMMA grow as an artist over time. She certainly has what it takes.

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