Never underestimate a blonde. It will be your f’ing funeral. Or very very close.

I don’t want to spend countless hours involved in these spectacularly passionate rants. They never get tiresome for me. But they conceivably could for the readership.

Perhaps I’ll be more inclined to good will and compassion with the coming of the festive season.

But for now…

First of all, there’s that demented sleazeball Chicago editor that I used to write for. Yeah, he’s still around.

He’s all over the internet with the 100,000 aliases he’s acquired. Apparently there’s nothing quite as fascinating as having a conversation on a message board with yourself.

This unhinged predator really digs IMDB. One page in particular. But envy won’t get this psychopathic monstrosity anywhere.

He should really be in a jail cell submitting to the twisted erotic attentions of some dude named Bubba. That would be the most incredible karma in the history of the world.

I don’t understand why this cretinous lunatic hasn’t dropped dead of HIV yet. The sooner it happens, the better for us all.

I’ve been laughing my perfect ass off with this latest bit of news.

One of my favourite publications (often referenced here) just conducted an interview with the Boston version of Woody Woodpecker. His wife had such wonderful things to say about him.

That’s so funny. If anyone would know what kind of a maliciously perverted scumbag that jerkoff is, it would definitely be her.

But there’s nothing like a little damage control when things get rough.

Do you know why that useless bastard has red hair? It’s because his brain is rusted.

I hope that he and his roly poly playmate have a good time with their ridiculous little show.

I won’t be watching.


STAR has been one of my favourite film musicals since I saw it on TV on a Sunday afternoon during a particularly wild rainstorm. It’s one of JULIE ANDREWS’ finest performances.

She portrays theatre legend GERTRUDE LAWRENCE. Ms. Lawrence was quite the formidable woman: glamorous, free spirited, sexually liberated, outspoken, dramatic, forceful.

Definitely ahead of her time. Yeah…

In 1941, Ms. Lawrence appeared in a play called LADY IN THE DARK. The clip is a recreation of a showstopping musical number.

It’s called THE SAGA OF JENNY.

Apparently poor pathetic Jenny’s chief difficulty in life was that she actually made up her mind.

Not a problem for me. I’ve always been a forthright, decisive, strong willed, hard as diamonds, take no prisoners type of girl.

I’ve never been a jealous conniving manipulative head case that hangs around with morally bankrupt slimeballs.

Too bad. They can all rot. ASAFP.

That’s all I’ve got for today.

Enjoy your weekend, kids. Have fun and stay safe. Luxuriate in the candy.

There will always be more.

Now it’s time for me to exit. Stage left…

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