Welsh actor RHYS IFANS can’t stop smiling about being the bad guy.

He has scooped the role as the villain in the reboot of the SPIDER MAN franchise, he’s earning acclaim for his lead performance as a notorious drug dealer in new British film MR. NICE and he’s shooting an epic new TV movie called NEVERLAND, where he gets to play Peter Pan’s nemesis Captain Hook.

“I’m constantly suppressing a very wide smile,” the actor told The Associated Press.

RHYS is not allowed to talk about his nasty new role in the web slinging comic book adventure, but said he’s “very, very excited about it. It’s a great script, great director and the money ain’t bad.”

RHYS may be best known for playing HUGH GRANT’S goofball roommate in 1999’s NOTTING HILL. He appeared last year in PIRATE RADIO (where he portrayed the sexually iconic radio personality Gavin Cavanagh).

In the SPIDER MAN reboot, RHYS will be starring opposite American born and British raised ANDREW GARFIELD, who is taking over as Peter Parker.

“It is quite cool this one, to have Spider Man and his villain both from the U.K.”

RHYS spoke to the AP on the set of his latest project in Dublin — NEVERLAND, a two part television movie that will air next year.

Written and directed by Nick Willing, the fantasy aims to explain why Peter Pan ended up in the magical world where he never grows up and how Hook went from bad to worse.

“It’s every boy’s dream to play Captain Hook. We’ve all grown up with that myth and legend so big boots to fill. But a lot of fun.”

RHYS has certainly made an impression on the young actor who plays Peter Pan.

“He’s so evil and it’s brilliant,” 14 year old Charlie Rowe stated.

Nick Willing said “the reason why I imagined Rhys in the role is because he makes villainy sympathetic. You start to understand what it is that’s good about the terrible, evil things that he does…and that of course is the hallmark of any great villain.”

RHYS also has the support of his NEVERLAND love interest ANNA FRIEL, who appears as a power mad pirate and seductress. Known for her role in the TV series PUSHING DAISIES, she’s delighted that RHYS is finally being given his due.

“I was thrilled for him. I think it’s a job he really wanted and I think he’ll do it brilliantly. It’s nice to have European and English actors getting work in America but he’s been doing that for a long time.”

“I think he’ll be great.”


  1. were you interested in spidey 4, before rhys signed on????

  2. Mmmmmmm. Not really, glimster.

    I’ve never seen any SPIDER MAN flicks in the cinema. Rented the first one. Loathed it. I’ve seen bits and pieces of II and III on TV. They were vast improvements. But it ain’t really my franchise.

    I know exactly what you think of superhero movies. A lot of them don’t do much for me either.

    I thought that the first two SUPERMAN movies (with CHRISTOPHER REEVE and MARGOT KIDDER) were fun and clever. I liked the reboot from several years ago as well. (KEVIN SPACEY and PARKER POSEY were awesomely nasty.)

    I’m a big BATMAN aficionado. I dig the spectacular darkness that underscores that whole scenario. That universe is gorgeously bleak. I get it. I possess a thorough comprehension of those themes.

    Not to mention how easily I relate to CATWOMAN. She’s a childhood touchstone as significant as SCARLETT O’HARA.

    Where’s my whip…?

    But I’m very happy that RHYS got cast in the new SPIDER MAN film. It will give him a lot of exposure. I’m sure it will also be a great flamboyant role (villains in superhero movies always are…) and he’ll know exactly what to do with it.

    He’s a wonderful actor. I always like to see talented people get their due.

  3. what do you think of the shirt in pic 2????

    i wish i had those headphones. i love headphones.

    He’s a wonderful actor. I always like to see talented people get their due.

    well that’s a long time to get some due.

    especially when you consider a lot of the mainstream types that will be giving him recognition were/are the same types that were/are glad to ignore him for not being in super mainstream movies.

    (because that all the counts is ultra genre flicks and top five for weekend type stuff to lots of types. making me cry…)

    but yeah if he’s a good actor, guess he really fits in to how these super whatever movies/casting work. get an awesome actor and bulk’em up if needed.

  4. That shirt is very nice.

    In spite of the fact that PIRATE RADIO took place in the 60s, it looks a lot like some of the styles that I see men wearing today.

    Don’t cry, my lil southern sweetheart.

    There will always be plenty of films that we’ll gravitate to: the subversive, off the beaten path, avidly artistic releases that you and I both crave. Motion pictures like that will always be produced. People like us will just have to seek them out and support them.

    well that’s a long time to get some due.

    Everyone’s career takes on a life of its own, glim. Once you begin, you never know where you’ll end up. I think the most important thing is to maintain your integrity. Do work that you can be proud of.

    But I’m so happy for RHYS. It doesn’t really matter how long it took.

    What’s genuinely significant is that things are going wonderfully for him now.

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