On television several evenings ago, one of my favourite people in the entire world (who’s also an authentic cinematic goddess…) sang an incredible song.


It happened to be one of the preeminent tunes from the CHICAGO soundtrack. That particular sequence is missing from the final cut of that classic musical. It’s available on the DVD.

In the film, it is performed by two extraordinary women: CATHERINE ZETA JONES and QUEEN LATIFAH. Along with the previously mentioned SCARLETT JOHANSSON, that’s an amazingly powerful trifecta of talent and beauty.

So that is our musical highlight for this Friday: CLASS. As well as the brilliant social commentary and take no prisoners truth, there are a multiplicity of ironies inherent in this particular clip.

One of the major ones is how little the world has changed in approximately one hundred years. It’s a wicked shame. But there does continue to be a minority of morally deficient mentally unbalanced scumbags lurking about.

Everybody knows who they are. They can run. But they can’t hide. Having an absence of principle or decency is one thing. But when they’re completely nuts on top of it…

It may be too late in some instances (unfortunately…), but let’s hope they don’t breed.

We certainly don’t need more of them in this world.

Have a wonderful weekend, my treasured readers. Enjoy yourselves as much as you desire.

Not for me. No painting the town purple until my sweetheart arrives. He’s definitely worth waiting for. I’m entirely involved in that rapturous ardent anticipation.

Once he’s here, the celebration commences.

Now it’s time for me to exit. Stage left…

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