Spring is in the air — fashionwise that is.

TOD’S celebrated their spring/summer collection with a luxurious lunch last Friday that benefitted THE MUSEUM OF CONTEMPORARY ART. Hosted by creative director DEREK LAM, the ultraglam event drew some of Tinseltown’s finest fashionistas including stars like ROSARIO DAWSON, GINNIFER GOODWIN and KELLY LYNCH, who epitomized the brand’s classically
chic style as they made their way around TOD’S Beverly Hills location.

“I love getting the insider [look] because I get a little shopping done in advance,” said ROSARIO, who was clad in DOLCE & GABBANA and TOD’S.

“That’s the key and it’s time for Christmas shopping.”

The preview also got the actor thinking about dabbling in her own fashion career, telling PEOPLE, “Oh yeah, I would totally collaborate on something. I think that would be so fun, especially something short term.”

As for DEREK, who just signed on for another two years with the Italian fashion house, inspiration for the new collection fit within the spring aesthetic.

“The colours were inspired by flowers. Gardening shoes I love, like the croc mixed with the garden soles. I think Tod’s is about the Mediterranean style everybody aspires to don in the most modern classic [way].”


  1. Gardening shoes I love, like the croc mixed with the garden soles.

    wait a second. does this sound good to you??? i know you’re not too fond of crocs. or do you mostly dislike them when brett favre type activities are occurring????

    rosario dawson: future fashion collaborator

    what??? you’re starting a line with her??? and why not…?

    it’s time for Christmas shopping. 😉

  2. Ha ha. Holy hot buttered hell, baby.

    You are just determined to lead me down the primrose path today, aren’t you, my lil southern sweetheart…? Well, let’s get cracking.

    No, I am not overly fond of crocs. Though Brett Favre type activities added into that mix would make me like them one hell of a lot less. They were very popular for a while. Someone must have thought they were cool. But there’s always something new coming down the pike.

    I understand from reading some of the local fashion news that there are these new casual shoes that are currently in vogue. They’re canvas flats and come in an amazing variety of colours. Really cute. BLAKE MYCOSKIE, a former contestant on that reality show THE AMAZING RACE, designed them. They’re called TOMS.

    They do sell them here. I just haven’t come across any myself.

    With all that said, DEREK LAM is an excellent designer. If he likes crocs, he’s certainly entitled to his opinion.

    I haven’t actually met Ms. Dawson. Though I have heard that she’s incredibly nice.

    She spoke openly in the article about her interest in being a fashion collaborator at some future date. She didn’t say with who. But my name was definitely not mentioned.

    I would certainly be open to doing something like that myself (with Ms. Dawson or anyone else) if the opportunity ever arose. People don’t have to restrict themselves to one artistic arena if the talent, the interest and the drive are there.

    SIENNA MILLER is a fabulous actor and she has a successful fashion line with her sister SAVANNAH. ELIZABETH TAYLOR was not only the most famous woman in the world (for being a celebrated beauty, a glorious goddess, an OSCAR winning performer and a greatly admired humanitarian), but she also had her fragrance collection.

    So there is no limit to what you are capable of. As long as you can do it…and deliver the goods.

    I would need a collaborator for fashion, glim. I possess the knowledge and my taste is certainly beyond reproach.

    But I can’t draw. At all. So someone would need to be there to catch me.

    Thanks for being here, honey bear. You are the awesomest…

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