I’d like to thank everyone who read yesterday’s post and signed the petition that I linked to.

My readers are the coolest most sophisticated people on the planet. I’ve said that before. But it’s the absolute truth.

I am incredibly proud of all of you.

The heartfelt drama BLUE VALENTINE (starring RYAN GOSLING and MICHELLE WILLIAMS) won a rare appeal of its adults only NC-17 rating today.

It will open with an R instead.

Motion Picture Association of America spokesperson Elizabeth Kaltman said the rating was lowered after the group’s appeals board viewed the film and heard arguments from HARVEY WEINSTEIN, whose WEINSTEIN COMPANY is responsible for its release.

The motion picture initially drew the NC-17 for a scene of explicit sexual content. The film now carries an R for strong graphic sexual content, language and a beating.

An NC-17 would have prohibited those under 17 from attending and would have been disastrous for the film, as that rating is equated with pornography in many theatre owners’ and moviegoers’ minds.

With an R, those younger than 17 can see the film if they’re accompanied by an adult.

Along with arguments from HARVEY WEINSTEIN, the appeals board heard from ratings board chair Joan Graves, who presented the rationale for the original NC-17 rating.

Ratings appeals are rare at the MPAA, which rates 800 to 900 movies a year and reports that fewer than a dozen typically go forward.

Motion pictures are initially classified by the ratings board, made up of parents with no previous connection to the movie industry. Appeals are decided by a panel of film professionals.

RYAN GOSLING commented in a statement: “I am so appreciative that the MPAA was gracious enough to reconsider their rating of the film. I can’t express how grateful I am to those in the media who stood up for the film and put their reputations on the line in using their voices to support something they believed in.”

“This is a film that was created for the audience, to reflect how complex they are and to involve them in a dialogue that [director] Derek Cianfrance has been trying to engage them in for 12 years. We’re over the moon to have the opportunity to finally be able to share it with those for whom it was intended.”

BLUE VALENTINE hits cinemas on NEW YEAR’S EVE, just in time to qualify for the ACADEMY AWARDS.

RYAN GOSLING and MICHELLE WILLIAMS – both previous OSCAR nominees – are picking up major buzz for their roles as spouses in a crumbling marriage.


  1. i signed the petition you linked to your last valentine post.

    i’ll take some credit for this!!!! 😉

  2. Thanks, glim.

    Good for you, honey. This is one of the many reasons why I’m thrilled that you’re my friend. You are always there when the chips are down. You’re one in a million.

    I don’t honestly know if we made a difference. But we did absolutely everything that we could.

    And the tide turned…

    So now everyone will be able to see this astonishing work of art – without the horrendous barriers or constraints that would have been attached to it.

    I don’t know how you’re reacting to this ecstatic news. But I feel pretty damn satisfied.

    So the good side is properly victorious once again.

    Is it Christmastime yet…???

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