Here are the films that the AMERICAN FILM INSTITUTE has selected as its annual Top 10:




7 Responses to “THE AFI’S TOP TEN FILMS (2010)”

  1. black swan’s better than the wrestler (thank god or whomever), but not nearly as good as jellyfish. i realize jellyfish wasn’t a normal enough film for it to get the ultra acclaim from the awards kids. thank you.

    *rolls eyes*

    something like jellyfish gets nothing while people won’t shut up about talking animals….

    the sun breaks the sky/crowd. but something’s wrong. the choices that are made/have left a bitter taste…


    hell no. the film sub novice isn’t down with this, as the kids say.

    at all. not at all.

    f**k. kids wasn’t horrible. but a best of the year??? this further explains why i didn’t even bother to go to the movies this year. this is a best of the year???

    hey losers need films too. still waiting…

    and thank god or whomever i didn’t see the town. yeah i usually hate stuff like that. and maybe i’ll give in and see it whenever. my doing things like this is mostly just proof i have a pretty good idea of what i like and avoiding whatever the net kids rave about is better than my seeing it and getting upset/annoyed/feel like giving up more than ever.

    cause there’s nothing to even hope for…

    toy story. i wish there was a year without cartoons/or super hero crap.

    i’d like the mass suicides…

  3. Now, now, my little southern poet…

    You have to be true to yourself, my darling boy. Stand up for what you believe in. Make your opinion count. Anything you think is just as profound as the status quo majority take.

    You shouldn’t get that upset about this stuff, glim. And you’re so not a loser, baby…

    THE KIDS ARE ALL RIGHT is a good film IMO. LISA CHOLODENKO is an excellent insightful director who is superb with actors. It has three terrific performances: from JULIANNE MOORE, ANNETTE BENING and MARK RUFFALO.

    I think the reason so many people are embracing KIDS at this point is because Ms. Cholodenko took some rather risky subject matter and made it accessible, warm and easy to relate to.

    That took guts at the very least. She does deserve a hell of a lot of credit for that.

    I really dug THE TOWN as well. BEN AFFLECK does a lot with it. His acting and filmmaking skills are on fire here. Plus he makes the most of an exceptionally talented cast.

    But I honestly don’t know what you’d think of it.

    For the record, I have not seen JELLYFISH. It played here. But I never went to the cinema to check it out.

    I did like THE WRESTLER.

    But BLACK SWAN is an astonishing masterpiece of the highest order. It works on so many levels and layers, comes incredibly close to going over the rails and concludes in a manner that is so deliciously triumphant it’s spell binding.

    It absolutely speaks to the pressure of being female in the twenty first century – especially if you’re a young woman who’s an artist. (Not a dancer specifically.) No matter how beautiful, intelligent, talented, driven or accomplished someone is, perfectionism is the beast you must slay. You can’t go to extremes and allow that to interfere with what you’re doing.

    Give it everything you’ve got. Then take to the wall and let it go.

    There are also a lot of other things that BLACK SWAN got absolutely right: how difficult it is forge your own artistic identity, trying to integrate all of that with the dreams that you possess – having the life that you want work to your satisfaction, ambition and all.

    Then there’s the power of sex. Need I say more…?

    NATALIE and MILA were absolutely extraordinary in every respect imaginable. They were like two halves of the same coin: one light and ethereal, the other dark and intense.

    I bow to DARREN ARONOFSKY. Thank Christ that someone is still out there making magnificent art.

    Everyone is talking about this film – with good reason. But they’ll be discussing it long after awards season is over.

    It’s that brilliant.

    Don’t let it get to you, glim. Things will be just dandy.

    The tide will turn. You’ll find something to be enthusiastic about. Eventually.

    Wait and see…

  4. your words on black swan. see that’s why i like reviews more than the films. ha…

    Then there’s the power of sex. Need I say more…?

    well if ryan gosling doesn’t have to say more, i guess you don’t have to either. ha ha…

    black swan would have soared higher for me if it kicked down the thriller element. yes there are always methods to my insanity. i usually don’t give a damn about thrillers. and it’s been mentioned pushed everywhere this film has a thriller slant.

    so it’s factoring in that this is an element that’s killing the film for me.

    it’s war, ms. m. it really is as long as things are cool for the mainstream kids and the award kids/mavens i won’t have one day to smile. really…

    I think the reason so many people are embracing KIDS at this point is because Ms. Cholodenko took some rather risky subject matter and made it accessible, warm and easy to relate to.

    hmm do you have a vibe on how the non award movie blogs are relating/liking the film???

    Everyone is talking about this film – with good reason. But they’ll be discussing it long after awards season is over.

    and everybody wouldn’t shut up about the crap that was no country/the departed.

    f**k everybody.

    everybody doesn’t give a damn if i never have anything to be enthused about about because they have everything. and it’s so bad most can’t even see why anyone wouldn’t be enthused. ask everybody for details…

    everybody helped a crap rock band named nirvana get to set the tone for alternative. see what happens when things must go well for everybody.

    so i hope everybody keeps talking about black swan…arrgh.

    really i don’t think the black swan/inception are deserving of the level of hate/disdain/and what’s this crap i aimed at oh let’s say juno/no country/the departed.

    i’m just not enthused about either and i’d rather see those in the awards hunt than the 700 lame normal films or the usual style award bait stuff.

    so things are aiming headed in a better direction despite the insanity/i love everythingness of everybody.

    so things are heading in a better direction and who is gonna be the kid that said no to both the awards mavens’ love of ultra trad films/oscar bait and the mainstream’s love of blockbusters?

    only me. not everybody.

    i’m like the cinematic poor that never has cake to eat…and can’t even dream of it.

    ha ha….

    black swan. can’t hate it. don’t love it.

    i think the best part of this is if some mainstream kidtype sees this and believes that there’s something else out there, that would be cool.

    and if some mainstreamer sees this and loves a film with female leads,that would be cool too.

    (so many of those just expect females to be hot in film and that’s it. that’s all they want/expect.)

    but again, everything is for everyone/every other group. what do i get??????

    if this is considered a good/better year for awards crap, let be known that i’m the kid that said f**k the trad film/oscar bait crap. now let’s see everybody *say that*.

    did anyone else say that for even a day? they can’t…

    and a geek/loser will lead them. everybody get on the f**king program.

    your progress is way too slow.

  5. Bravo, baby.

    *stands & applauds wildly*

    That comment of yours is definitely worthy of an OSCAR or some other fabulous prestigious award. It’s ecstatically cool when you let loose. A lot of your observations (sharper than a tack) are right on the money.

    I have endless amounts of respect for your personal point of view. But just to clarify from my own perspective…

    I adore NIRVANA, THE DEPARTED, INCEPTION and JUNO. NCFOM is not a bad film per se. But it’s stunningly overrated and there’s no way in hell it should have ever won BEST PICTURE.

    BLACK SWAN is one of my cherished favourites of the year. I’m going to be featuring it (as well as NATALIE and MILA) every chance I get. But that’s fine, honey. You’re the king around here. You can just skip over those posts if they’re not to your liking.

    You know, writing a review for BLACK SWAN would have been an enormous challenge. It certainly would’ve been a fascinating all encompassing risk. I did not expect to love it that much. But I got pulled in within the first fifteen minutes and its alluring brand of sensual tempestuous magic just grabbed me and never let me go.

    But there is so much going on – a richness to the narrative and a lot of deeply felt symbolism and artistic embellishment – that I wanted to catch all of the quicksilver details. It would be very difficult to capture all of that on a first viewing.

    Even if you were riveted to the screen…and I definitely was. But I’ll be back to see it again before the month is out. Can’t wait. I love Christmastime. That and the summer are always the most fun for me. BLACK SWAN has only added to my enjoyment of this portion of the year.

    hmm do you have a vibe on how the non award movie blogs are relating/liking the film???

    I have no clue about that, my lil southern sweetheart. For the longest time, I’ve only read my friends’ movie sites. None of them update very often. The way that I keep up on entertainment type developments on line is looking for particular news and articles to post at the site. But aside from the people I’m close to on and off the net, I have no idea how BLACK SWAN is being perceived by individuals generally.

    You and I are very much alike on this subject, glim.

    We both embrace challenging original iconoclastic types of artistic expression. Some people have an affinity for things that are different and off the beaten path. Other individuals don’t.

    But we do.

    That’s what’s really important. As long as this site exists, you’re free to come here and express your ideas.

    I welcome whatever you have to say, honey bear. State it here. This is the place to be. My home is your home…

  6. Bravo, baby.

    *stands & applauds wildly*

    i think i’ll have that put on my grave. wow! *thanks*
    big smile. 🙂

    For the longest time, I’ve only read my friends’ movie sites. None of them update very often .

    and one of them never updates at all. ha ha. oops…

    but hey maybe this black swan film.


    despite being labeled oscar baity i’m likely gonna see the king’s speech. i sometimes stutter and i often say things quickly. so fast people ask me to repeat. maybe i’ll relate to this film a bit the way most people relate to a guy firing a gun. ha…

    got a free pass to the true grit this thursday. i may try to brave that too…

    and as always *thanks* for everything !!!!!!! 🙂

  7. You are so welcome, honey.

    Unlike a lot of individuals (on the net or off), you actually understand the true meaning of friendship. That kind of loyalty doesn’t happen all the time. Plus the net is filled with emotionally damaged nutcases.

    In 2 1/2 years, I’ve had to ban four idiots from this site. It’s something I wasn’t necessarily happy to do. But I don’t regret it for a millisecond. Anybody that messes with me (or anyone that I care about) will be very very sorry. Those morons should be institutionalized permanently.

    I don’t want anyone at CP that doesn’t deserve to be here. If someone is genuinely a friend, they’re free to come and hang out here any time. But I won’t have any mentally f’ed up jerkoffs (with all of the difficulties that that entails) swinging over here whenever it suits them.

    And they got all of their comments deleted as well. I have thousands of comments on site. I won’t miss any from them.

    One of the only good things about those wack jobs is that they’re incredibly easy to outwit. They’re so mindnumbingly stupid it’s laughable.

    I’ve never been tolerant of that kind of ridiculous behaviour. Let’s just say it’s far from over. Too late for them.

    As for the movies…

    I just wanted to say that I watched WINTER’S BONE a few days ago. People have been talking about JENNIFER LAWRENCE since that film was released theatrically in the fall. I saw her last year in THE BURNING PLAIN. It made my Top 10 for 2009. I was incredibly impressed with her work in that movie.

    But in WB she really comes into her own. That girl is amazingly talented. It’s one of the best performances of 2010. She’s going to have a fabulous career. And the film is quite a tight bleak thriller on top of it.

    I’m going to see THE KING’S SPEECH, THE FIGHTER, MADE IN DAGENHAM and TRUE GRIT before Christmas. In the city where I currently reside, we’re getting ANOTHER YEAR, BARNEY’S VERSION and BIUTIFUL in January. Still no word on BLUE VALENTINE. But I really want to see that ASAFP.

    You are a treasure, my lil southern honey bear. I feel tremendously honoured to be your friend. You can always come visit me here.

    As long as this site exists. Rain or shine. Forever and ever…

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