This article is written by BRAD BALFOUR at THE HUFFINGTON POST

The hit movie THE SOCIAL NETWORK may not have as profound an effect as Facebook itself. But the cinematic version has many intriguing things to say about the kinds of people who turn game changing ideas into reality and how they impact the individuals around them.

When an idea like Facebook becomes worth approximately 50 billion dollars, has over 500 million members and exceeds Google as the most viewed site with billions of click throughs, it’s important to get a handle on its implications.

And there have been about a billion words written about it.

When a film like this is released and successfully gives a sense of how a shambling sequence of serendipitous events and synchronicities converge, it not only affects the people it happens to but reshapes them. It becomes a phenomenon in its own right.

Yet for all the accolades deservedly applied towards screenwriter AARON SORKIN and director DAVID FINCHER, it is actor JESSE EISENBERG who had to inhabit and give life to the character of Mark Zuckerberg…and successfully illuminate the existence beyond the shadows.

Before all the ballyhoo about THE SOCIAL NETWORK being an obvious candidate for an array of awards, OSCAR nominations and likely wins, there were several opportunities to speak with its cast and creators.

So between appearances at the LINCOLN CENTER FILM SOCIETY’S WALTER READE THEATER – it had its world premiere at the 2010 NEW YORK FILM FESTIVAL – and The Harvard Club (the film’s distributor SONY PICTURES held a press conference there), this Q&A with JESSE EISENBERG was cobbled together.

Q: Did you do a lot of research into Mark Zuckerberg and his world or were you more guided by what was in the script?

JESSE EISENBERG: I did a lot of research during the rehearsal process. But if I didn’t and only had AARON’S script, that would have been perfectly sufficient. I auditioned for the movie prior to looking up Mark Zuckerberg on line. I didn’t know what he looked like – I had never heard him speak – and all I had was AARON’S incredible characterization and felt that was more than sufficient to make the audition tape.

Then we had about a month and a half of rehearsal and in order to feel more prepared and to understand who this guy was, I found and watched every interview that was on line and got every picture that I could find of him.

But, as AARON has said, it’s not really a movie about Facebook as much as it is about these more substantive themes. And in the same way it was not a traditional biopic. We were trying to do a kind of an imitation of the character of Mark Zuckerberg and so I was really just focusing on playing AARON’S characterization.

Q: What is the challenge of playing a character people may think is an enormous douchebag?

JE: It’s impossible to play a role and to look at it, not only in the way that you described it, but to look at it objectively at all. I had the unique position in that my main responsibility was to not only understand where my character was coming from but to be able to defend all of his positions, his behaviour and ultimately sympathize with him. And over the course of the movie and really over the course of this publicity experience I’ve developed an even greater affection for my character. You have no choice. It’s impossible to disagree with the character that you’re portraying.

We shot the movie for about five and a half months, they were very long days…and you’re spending a lot of time working hard to defend your character’s behaviour. So even if the character is acting in a way that hurts other characters, you still have to understand and ultimately sympathize with all of that behavior. It’s just impossible to play it any other way.

Q: If you could meet Mark Zuckerberg and speak with him, what would you like to know?

JE: I’d like to go to JOHNNY ROCKETS with Mark because I like their shakes. I spent six months thinking about him every day. I developed a great affection for my character and of course by extension the man…and I’d be very interested in meeting him.

Fortunately, my first cousin ERIC got a great job working at Facebook about a month before we finished shooting and I’m hoping he’ll facilitate an introduction one day. I don’t know what I would say. It’s the kind of thing you think about all the time.

Q: After thoroughly researching, playing and getting feedback from people about Mark Zuckerberg, what’s your impression of him?

JE: My impression is really formed more from the character. I don’t know the real Mark Zuckerberg, though I was like everybody else delighted to see this very generous {$100 million} donation he made {on September 22nd, 2010 to the Newark public schools}. In the movie the character that AARON created is a guy that is desperately trying to fit in and doesn’t have the social wherewithal to do so. I could certainly relate to that.

Almost to cope, he creates this incredible tool to interact in a way that he feels comfortable. And because of his insight, 500 million other people also feel comfortable using that tool.

It’s just a fascinating character and complicated in all the right ways. So even though he maybe acts in a way that would be hurtful to other characters, like you indicated, it’s by the end of the movie totally understandable.

Q: That first scene is so patently AARON SORKIN – like he wrote for his show THE WEST WING. Can you tell us what’s happening?

JE: I saw the movie for the first time {at the premiere} and had the same reaction to the first scene that I had when I first read AARON’S script, even though I knew the scene so intimately, which is that after two or three minutes of the scene you realize that it’s not going to end. And it’s such a wonderful surprise because you just don’t see scenes not only of that nuance and complexity in movies, but of that length as well. And for an actor that’s kind of what you want. That’s what’s really thrilling about working with a script like AARON’S.

A kind of an interesting anecdote is that DAVID FINCHER does a lot of takes. We performed that scene 99 times. He refused to do it an extra time to get an even 100 and it was just really exciting. It was shot on the third day of the shoot and it was exciting for me to kind of figure out who Mark is and have two nights – we shot it over the course of two nights – to kind of experiment with the character. How is he affected by what she’s saying and by extension how is he affected in general by conflict? And it was wonderful to have the luxury of the two nights to film such an exciting scene.

Q: Yes, DAVID FINCHER is known for doing a lot of takes. What scene required the most takes or the least you had to do and what was your reaction to seeing the film for the first time?

JE: We’re asked about the great amount of takes almost as though the actors are in opposition to doing that…and every actor I know would stay there all day if there’s more film in the camera. The alternative is sitting in the trailer. So it was an absolute blessing to do it and we’re all thrilled for the amount of time we were able to spend actually acting and not sitting around waiting to act.

Q: Have you ever had a chance to just hand somebody their ass, as in that second scene with the lawyers?

JE: I got in a fight with somebody on the subway once because I asked him if he was a vegetarian and he said that was too personal – and I got angry. But he wasn’t a lawyer.

Q: What form did your anger take?

JE: I said, “That’s not personal.” He said, “It is.” I said, “I just became a vegetarian. I was wondering if you had any tips.” And he said, “That’s not appropriate to ask somebody.” I said, “You work in an animal shelter. I figured it would be.” And then he took off.

Q: While shooting the half hour conversation in the film, what were you thinking?

JE: I had to pee about four hours into the meeting. I said {to DAVID}, “Listen, I really have to pee,” and he said, “That’s ok. You can go do that,” and so I did and then I felt fine. But I really can’t remember what happened prior to doing that because I was just trying to move my legs in such a way. But {DAVID’S direction} often was, “Be more opaque,” and that’s not something I was used to.

In acting class you’re trained to express yourself as much as you can and it was a challenge and an interesting one to kind of figure out how to express these often very conflicting feelings that this character has. He’s both desperate to connect and also really struggling to, while remaining frequently expressionless.

Q: When were you finally comfortable with the scene?

JE: To do it that many times I didn’t get increasingly more comfortable. I felt comfortable just when the emotion kind of hit at the same time that my character’s emotion hit. There was one scene in the movie, in the deposition room and my character has a legal notepad – and it was a difficult scene for me. I felt I only got two good takes.

There was number 12 and number 18. I wrote it down on the pad like, “Please only use 12 and 18 when you edit the movie and those are also the ones you had circled.” And we maybe went up to 40, so it was not like I got increasingly more comfortable and got to a point where I really felt it was right. It’s just kind of peaks and valleys.

Q: What was it was like to work with AARON SORKIN as a writer and as an actor – after all he plays an ad executive?

JE: I was really thrilled to get the opportunity to read his dialogue. I’ve been a fan of his for a long time. I used to videotape SPORTS NIGHT because when I would watch it when it was on TV I couldn’t get all of it. It was so fascinating I would watch it over and over again.

He’s a great playwright. I’ve done a lot of plays and to do a 10 page scene in a movie is very rare, but something that really is exciting to me. And many of the scenes in the movie, while they’re not 10 pages, they’re longer than traditional movie scenes. So it was a great opportunity.

Q: Did you turn to DAVID and say, “Are we really pushing this particular moment?” Did you feel at any time that you were being unfair?

JE: No, because I never thought that what I was doing was critical of a person. First of all, I thought of it as an actor acting in a scene. The fact that it was about somebody real we had kind of all ready thought about and dealt with and we weren’t focusing on that while we were shooting, of course.

I genuinely felt, and still do, that everything I do as my character is explainable and that’s what I was hired to do: to go through each moment and each action and interaction and all of his behaviour and find a way to not only justify it but to sympathize with it and be able to defend it. I feel comfortable that that’s what I did.

Q: Does acting give you a chance to shape your life in some way that is comfortable to you, like it would be for Mark Zuckerberg, the guy who is the boss, who can say, I’m it, bitch. I am this person now so that I can control it. I can decide to friend who I want to friend and not the other people over there.”? You can create a life for yourself in that.

JE: Yeah, that’s why I started acting, really. For similar reasons I felt really uncomfortable in school and acting allowed me to interact in an entirely contrived setting that made me feel almost counter intuitively much more comfortable.

Q: Is there a moment that particularly resonates for you about the making of this movie?

JE: During that second clip you saw where I have the monologue to that lawyer. There were brief moments where I felt good because there were these deposition room scenes that are peppered throughout the film. They take place four years after the creation of Facebook and we filmed all of them at the end of the shooting section.

I didn’t realize it, but I kind of built up a lot of frustration during the film through my character feeling really put upon by these other characters. During that scene and some other scenes that are similar, I was able to kind of purge myself of that frustration and it felt really good.

Q: What do people need to know going into this movie?

JE: I’m not an authority on this the same way that DAVID is, but what really interested me about the movie was that it had almost nothing to do with the fact that it was about Facebook. The characters and the story are incredible characters. The themes that the story covers are classical. The fact that it’s about something topical makes it more relevant but is not relevant to the value of the story.

Q: Are you on Facebook?

JE: I signed up for Facebook the first day of rehearsal so I could understand what my character was talking about and when we started shooting and I had to learn all those lines, I stopped using it.

Q: Did you keep any souvenir of your Mark Zuckerberg incarnation?

JE: I think I stole a hoodie from the set. I tried to take a computer but the prop guy came after me.


  1. wow. about 9000 times better than the usual actor interviews we get.


    i haven’t seen the social network. you didn’t know i was pure like that, did you ??? 😉

    social network, you’ll find it everywhere.

    but i’m so much more enthused that it seems dogtooth is gonna rep greece in this year in the oscar thing.

    this film shows up the trad/genre movies that probably factored way in to my not giving a damn about inception (and yeah i know this film is sort of traditional too. it’s just done in a way that seems 8,000 times more foreign than inception and other big budget movies).

    the guys (y’all) that love inception will back down like the trad wimps you know they truly are if you put dogtooth in front of them. but this is too much for them.

    just sit on down and head to blockbuster film land/oscar bait land. just get the f**k out of the way and when you’re finished getting out the way, quit ruining film for me with your trad ways/prefs/thoughts setting the standards of what’s ok.

    it’s not ok…it’s the voice that makes me the f**k am i supposed to ever have anything???

    dogtooth kills black swan too.

    dogtooth is absolutely no glamour (sorry ms. m) and no blockbuster. no let me just entertain, y’all film. no oscar bait or the usual stuff.

    dogtooth is the real the kids are all right. 😉 *ha ha*

    sorry, i couldn’t let a chance to get that joke in. but dogtooth kills the kids are all right too.

    i realize this no country for a film like dogtooth. but it is a country where like 85 – 90% of films nominated are the most normalized crap ever and everyone cheers.

    well everyone cheered *except* one.

    being a virgin means you never have to say you’re sorry. 🙂

    so hopeful for better days/we can’t wait to be repaid

    or in this case to get paid even once.

    and the movies were crap.

    all except one. 🙂

  2. Yeah, interviews where you get really superlative Q&As (that come out of press conferences and the like) always make for great reading because they can explore topics in an in depth more substantial manner.

    I’m glad you enjoyed this article. JESSE clearly had a lot to say and he was very articulate. If I find similar artsy things (particularly regarding movies or film personalities), I will definitely put them up.

    So you haven’t seen THE SOCIAL NETWORK yet, my darling boy? Tsk tsk, honey bear.

    Ha ha. Why am I not surprised by this?

    TSN hits the zeitgeist and splits it wide open. DAVID FINCHER and AARON SORKIN are both at the top of their respective games. Really incredible acting from JESSE, JASON TIMBERLAKE, ARMIE HAMMER and ANDREW GARFIELD. Awesome cinematography and score as well. When people look back at this year, I think TSN will likely be the film that sums it all up – the watershed that it is measured by.

    I really liked THE KIDS ARE ALL RIGHT.

    There is no way in hell that BLACK SWAN and INCEPTION won’t make my Top 10. They both have to be in there somewhere.

    WOW. You really dug DOGTOOTH better than those two groundbreaking cinematic miracles???

    I have heard quite a bit about DOGTOOTH. For the life of me I can’t recall if it played here or not. I think it did. But I’m not sure.

    I didn’t know it was from Greece.


  3. yes, ms. m.

    i saw your reply and was wondering how i should reply or even *if* i should reply. so i think i did what i did whenever i have to do something. i think i fell asleep or something and then more sleep. why do i have to say this? because the award audience is too lame/too trad or too something to say it.

    why do i have to say it when you know how i feel???

    WOW. You really dug DOGTOOTH better than those two groundbreaking cinematic miracles?

    cinematic miracles??? huh???

    look very much into my non emerald eyes. now do you see my eyes roll? now do you see the screaming in my eyes? now do you see the laughter? now do you see my jaws clench?

    yes, i enjoyed dogtooth gadzillions of times more than black swan or that film, with the spinning whatever. a lot more. ok???…it’s not even close.

    now how i am supposed to recreate the geek/sexless view???

    well way back when i saw the dogtooth trailer on some movie site and i was thinking “yes, i really want to see it,” and it seemed a stateside release was gonna happen. it was planned.i was thinking this is like jellyfish – one week and then it’s done thing – at the angelika houston branch (r.i.p.) but i don’t think this got a real stateside release at all.


    but i really wanted to see it. but hey where the f*** was this anywhere in america??? so yeah i accessed it because i’m evil like that. was there really any other choice???


    i noticed i region/pal??? standard def dvd had hit. but my lameo player is locked into region one. now i could have got that disc and did some computer magic and made it region free or converted it so it would play in my player.

    but the industry wouldn’t like that, would they??? they want passive consumers (ok the industry wouldn’t like my accessing this movie either. but hey i follow some rules no matter how lame they are. 🙂

    so anyway recently a.d. published the villiage voice best films of the year deal and the immortal dogtooth was in the top 10!!!!

    of course no one at a.d. aside from me gave a damn. but hey this is what happens when something like the dark knight gets so much love and a coen bros western is treated like the reinvention of cinema itself.

    do you think i joke about this stuff???it’s not f***king true. the fact that no one gives a damn what else should i expect???

    there really is connection i think. really…

    i love this. the pro review isn’t ultra wowed or get this film. and the reply from the readers is to shut up!!!!

    *love it*

    and check the reply – KNovak dated June 25th, 2010.

    kill that pro critic kid!!!! i love that he mentions toy story 3 is worthy and this isn’t.

    i told you ms. m. there is a connection. the more that talking animation crap/superhero ultra crap and trad oscar bait go to the top the less chance something like dogtooth gets any play at all.

    and i only spelled it was play…

    and speaking of play check out the reply from Anne dated June 30th, 2010 mentioning that this says something that this was only playing in two places in the states.

    both in new york.

    but yet that talking animal crap is everywhere. it does say something and the fact no one cares says a lot too.

    oh but the a.d. posting the village voice list got me rechecking it’s stateside retail status. and finally, after suuuuuuch a long wait on amazon. this is hitting usa late jan. well i did the preorder thing despite the price.

    $26.00 dollars for a standard def disc!!!!

    arrgh. well i guess so few want this. but I so want it. they can go whatever price wise. arrgh… but i’ve preordered…. 🙂

    i usually see a price like this and say uh wait after the release and buy used. but not for the immortal dogtooth. 🙂

    92% postive. wow. that’s better than a lot of oscar bait. i wish something like dogtooth would have a chance at being an ultradiscussed movie. but that’s never gonna happen. it’s always crap like no country, the departed, the dark knight and trad oscar bait films that always rule the day.

    and I’m f**king sick of it. no, you can support it.

    let’s keep a film like dogtooth out of the discussion. meaning it won’t be discussed for even 2 seconds. but oh let’s have talk and talk and talk about that dragon film.

    uh ok….arrgh…. no hope….

    you mean a dogtooth or a jellyfish has zero chance of being in the discussion for not even a day or even one post. but it’s 5000 days of “oh, the dark knight.”

    so yes i like dogtooth 9000 times more than the swan/inception. ask me that question again and i’ll look into your eyes and steal your admiration of blake lively from your soul.

    you think it’s gonna be close but it’s not/your emerald eyes can’t match the intensity of hate from a southern U.S. virgin??? it’s just too pure.

    your eye thing only works on guys that have had sex/or think they have a chance at sex. so i’m damn immune.

    wooo hoo…

    you think it’s gonna be close/but it’s not /i’ll think about the 5000 dark knight’s one of best film ever post i saw and i’ll send it through the f***king ceiling.

    wanna do a gun fight or prose fight instead ??? 😉

    but really ms m. how are you gonna fight ??? you do your posts in lingerie. i do mine in computer lounging clothes. 😉

    i guess it’s a good thing for the usual that have everything that a film like dogtooth can never enter the discussion. because it’s as critically loved as plenty of lame oscar bait. and taken as seriously/worth it.

    92% at rt for such a weird film. oh may the dark knight kids kill themselves now.

    as i’ve said to you 3000 times ms.m the more trad oscar/talking animal/superhero films that clog up everything get the attention the less i’ll ever have and what do i have????

    nothing???? every year nothing????

    never again……

    hey hey….

  4. Oh, my darling boy…

    Please don’t be upset. I do take you very seriously. There is much that you’ve stated that’s valid…and I can not disagree with some of it.

    But you know that DOGTOOTH is not mainstream. Never has been. Never will be. It may have been more successful in another cinematic era. (Maybe during the indies revolution of the 80s, for example…) But when a lot of wildly popular films from another time would only be niche releases in this century, you know that you’re fighting a losing battle.

    The pendulum may swing round again. But I don’t know how the entire situation will shake out.

    Right now, though, it’s a tough slog for dark unusual product. Particularly if it’s foreign.

    I haven’t seen DOGTOOTH or JELLYFISH. So I can’t speak extensively about either of them.

    I’ve always told you that you were free to express any opinion you want here. It’s all good. But yeah…I have to defend BLACK SWAN and INCEPTION. They are cinematic miracles as far as I’m concerned. They were both risky artistic ventures that paid off in a spectacular fashion. Both films are complex, original and possess a great deal of depth.

    The most important thing about them is: they made money. BLACK SWAN is still selling out all over the place. It’s made $60 million in a month, which is extraordinarily impressive. INCEPTION has a domestic gross of nearly $300 million.

    I’m thrilled that these motion pictures are box office successes. That means we get less mainstream garbage and more studios and money people willing to take a chance on filmmakers with vision.

    I think it would be difficult to market DOGTOOTH in any era. If you’re strongly in favour of variety and having different types of films available in the markerplace, the fact that it got made at all is something to be ecstatic about.

    It doesn’t surprise me that THE VILLAGE VOICE backed DOGTOOTH. They dig esoteric highbrow cinema. That’s their thing. The mainstream has no resonance for them.

    you think it’s gonna be close but it’s not/your emerald eyes can’t match the intensity of hate from a southern U.S. virgin??? it’s just too pure.

    your eye thing only works on guys that have had sex/or think they have a chance at sex. so i’m damn immune.

    wooo hoo…

    I wouldn’t be too sure about that, honey bear. I’ve flattened out a magnificent portion of the west coast with this intense green stare. Even little wee boys (under 10) talk to me in the mall or at the doctor’s office. No male is safe. For that matter, animals always come to me too.

    I don’t think anyone is immune. Boys soften up around me. My magnetism is unparalleled.

    Good thing I’m devoted to my sweetheart. If I weren’t monogamous, this world couldn’t go on turning.

    but really ms m. how are you gonna fight??? you do your posts in lingerie. i do mine in computer lounging clothes.

    I’m sorry I ever mentioned that, glim. Guess it doesn’t pay to be overly honest – especially with all of these demented perverts that are visiting the site. But when someone is really that cracked, it doesn’t matter what you say or do. Anything can and will get them going.

    I suppose they’ll just have to live with it. I won’t be going anywhere near any of them.


    Mmmm. Play. Well now…

    you think it’s gonna be close but it’s not/your emerald eyes can’t match the intensity of hate from a southern U.S. virgin??? it’s just too pure.

    I don’t think there’s anything particularly wrong with being a virgin. Everyone was at one time.

    Far better to be pure (for whatever reason) than to be a lying pathetic lowlife douchebag that spreads completely false rumours all over the place and bangs anyone – male or female – that crosses his path.

    But that’s another story…

  5. black swan/inception…

    i feel these came about despite the atmosphere the award mavens and the mainstream pushed/moved towards. as in in general rule/vibe i feel this is true.

    yeah i know those directors had awards fans/followers support pre those films. but these films are still outside the realm of usual nommed stuff.

    so point sort of proven… 😉

    things get better without them so why don’t these two groups just get out of the way? and it would be better for not just them but for me too. 🙂

    They are cinematic miracles as far as I’m concerned. They were both risky artistic ventures that paid off in a spectacular fashion. Both films are complex, original and possess a great deal of depth.

    that’s funny because when you think of awards season, i don’t think those terms are ever really thrown about/or thrown about enough. because no one really expects that from awards season.

    and the bigger joke even with the move to 10. count it – 10 films for best pic – you still can’t think that.

    so if swan/inception seem like miracles more so if compared to the usual oscar bait y’all stuff. but *i* didn’t vote for the usual stuff and i support the swan/inception in theory.

    and i’m sick of supporting in theory. i want to be enthused.

    yeah i realize there may not be a place for a dogtooth in the awards/mainstream world. but isn’t at least worth a ref? well i guess according to the rules…no.

    cinematic miracle…

    i’ll tell you what a cinematic miracle is and it outshines inception’s/black swan’s big money play/moves. or if either film gets 10 oscar noms each…

    it’s the fact the the immortal dogtooth is gonna rep Greece in the oscar run thing. (maybe i read it wrong.) this sounds soooooo unbelievable especially in an atmosphere where people still speak so highly of no country, the dark knight…

    greece has to know – according the rules – a film like this has no chance. and it’s getting pushed. 🙂

    that victory move is 9000 times more impressive (ok impressive to me) than the inception $300 million/black swan’s $60 million and counting.

    this is a move maybe no one saw coming and i’m sure many wish wouldn’t. ha ha…

    sorry, ms.m. i think i beat you in its miracle to happen scale. and i think i beat you in the quality/visionary area too…

    and don’t forget…

    i’m so pretty/when i’m angry

  6. please let’s keep a dogtooth/jellyfish/lars & the real girl down.

    and let’s support every for the guys y’all film ever ala no country, the dark knight, the departed…make your own list.

    hope you’re all happy…

  7. glim, I get what you’re saying. In many respects, I think you’re completely right.

    sorry, ms.m. i think i beat you in its miracle to happen scale. and i think i beat you in the quality/visionary area too…


    Look, my darling lil southern whippersnapper, I can comprehend your point of view precisely. I understand that you want to fall passionately in love with something…and due to your own unique cinematic sensibilities that’s a fairly tall order.

    But I’ve never seen DOGTOOTH. So I can’t discuss it in concrete terms. If I haven’t viewed it, then I can’t judge it.

    And if I can not critique it effectively, then I can’t say that you’re necessarily right. Ha ha. Sorry, honey. It just won’t fly. I think you build a very convincing case, though…and you’re absolutely dead on till you get to that stage.

    But I can’t let that particular portion go when it’s just a big question mark.

    DOGTOOTH really doesn’t have a shot unless it gets into the final five. The Foreign Film category at the ACADEMY AWARDS has gotten highly unpredictable the last few years. So if DOGTOOTH can make it that far, then anything can happen.

    Oh, Christ. LARS & THE REAL GIRL again???

    I adore RYAN. Loathe the damn movie. (Even though, of course, he’s excellent in it. But then he’s great in everything.)

    it’s the fact the the immortal dogtooth is gonna rep Greece in the oscar run thing. (maybe i read it wrong.) this sounds soooooo unbelievable especially in an atmosphere where people still speak so highly of no country, the dark knight…


    In nearly three years of running this website, you never heard that from me.

    greece has to know – according the rules – a film like this has no chance. and it’s getting pushed.

    glim, I can’t back DOGTOOTH without seeing it. But if you like it, I’m glad that it is getting some serious consideration for something.

    From what I know about the Greeks culturally over the centuries, they tend to be innovative and iconoclastic. It’s no surprise to me that something as unique as DOGTOOTH came out of Greece or that they are attempting to get it a nomination.

    That makes perfect sense. The Greeks don’t lay down for anyone.

    But then again the Irish don’t either.

  8. Oh, Christ. LARS & THE REAL GIRL again???

    lars & the real girl is the voice of a generation (and i hope that sounds totally insane) even if this particular generation is only 17 kids or something. what else are they/we supposed to relate to ??

    batman beating people up. well, i refuse!!!


    uh maybe i should try to find some good in the very bad and do admit one thing has redeemed the batman films. but it has nothing to do with the films though.

    *ha ha*

    hint, think of something i clued you in to a few weeks ago. yes i’m purely evil. thank you. takes a bow… 😉

    and does my oking this allow me to get some guy cool/cred points (you know sort of like if i watched 9000 gangster films in one setting).

    the dark geek rising. get out of the way before i eat your talking animals films, traditional kids… 🙂

  9. God, I wish I knew what you were referencing, baby. I’m just drawing a blank here. You’re going to have to expand on that at some point. I honestly have no idea what that’s about.

    And speaking of being totally insane and purely evil…

    If I had my Catwoman whip, I’d make some dirty dog suffer till his last breath. But he’d probably enjoy it too much.

    *shakes blonde mane*

    So I suppose it’s out of the question…

  10. ok, i’m sure this isn’t very cp approved. but here we go… 😉

    does this look familiar now??? 😉

  11. Oh…

    Did we talk about that? I can’t say I recall. But what the hell…

    No, those pics aren’t terribly revealing or horrifically sexist.

    I’ll give you a free pass, honey bear.

    Ha ha ha.

    This time…

  12. Oh…

    Did we talk about that? I can’t say I recall. But what the hell…

    we didn’t really talk about it. i just clued in to uh the precedings/page… 😉

    don’t worry. you’re ultra busy and i’m sure this page means more to me than it does to you… 😉

  13. oh less inception more whip it. 🙂

    yes, i want to cement my having no cred. like that’s a desired thing in the no country era….

  14. don’t worry. you’re ultra busy and i’m sure this page means more to me than it does to you…

    Oh, yeah. You’ll get no argument from me on that particular point, my lil southern sweetheart.

    oh, less inception more whip it.

    As much as I adored INCEPTION, I really loved WHIP IT. DREW BARRYMORE is going to be one hell of a director.

    yes, i want to cement my having no cred. like that’s a desired thing in the no country era….

    You’ll always have rock solid cred in that area, glimby. At the very least. NCFOM (though far from bad) is the most overrated film of the century. It’s certainly not the Coen brothers’ best.

    Not by a long shot…

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