KIM CATTRALL is thrilled to be returning to the stage in Canada for the first time in over 30 years.

The British Columbia raised actor will star as Amanda in the NOEL COWARD play PRIVATE LIVES in Toronto this fall, part of the newly announced Mirvish Productions 2011/2012 subscription season.

KIM, who played the same role in London’s West End last year, said she hasn’t done theatre in Canada since around 1976 when she costarred with MAURY CHAYKIN in a Martin Kinch play in Toronto.

“I’m thrilled — this has been a long time coming,” KIM, wearing a form fitting MICHAEL KORS dress and strappy heels, said in an interview after Tuesday’s splashy season unveiling at THE PRINCESS OF WALES THEATRE.

“To be involved with a show like Private Lives in the West End, which was such a big success with terrific audience support and to be so proud of that show and to bring it to Toronto and then on to New York is really a dream for me.”

PRIVATE LIVES, which hits Broadway after the Toronto run, is one of seven shows in the 2011/2011 Mirvish subscription lineup. KIM portrays Amanda, who reunites with her ex husband while on honeymoon in France with her new spouse.

NOEL COWARD debuted the play in 1930. KIM feels that her character represents women who yearned for independence during that era.

“This was a time when women had just gotten the right to vote so I think that she has a feminist spirit to her,” stated KIM, who starred as lusty publicist Samantha Jones on TV’s SEX & THE CITY for six seasons and played her in two franchise films.

“She’s a product of my experience. I consider myself a feminist and I live in a post feminist world. I fight many different issues that affect women, so I feel very much at home in this skin.”

KIM, who was born in Liverpool, got her start in theatre in New York before expanding to TV roles and films. She said she was inspired to get into theatre at age 10, when she saw JANET SUZMAN star in AS YOU LIKE IT at THE ROYAL SHAKESPEARE COMPANY.

“I literally fell in love. I just thought, ‘That’s what I want to do.’ I never had dreams of being in movies or TV when I was a kid — I always had dreams about being in the theatre.”

While KIM has done theatre throughout her career (her other recent productions include WHOSE LINE IS IT ANYWAY? in London), she now has more time to devote to the stage since she’s no longer on a TV series.

Amanda, she asserted, is the type of character she wants to play more of on stage. “I like to play very strong, courageous women who take risks, as I do.”

“When I was a young actress here in Toronto, I did a film with Jack Lemmon and one of the things that I spoke to him about on one of the breaks between setups filming was, ‘How do you decide on material? How do you know?‘ and he said, ‘I read something and if it scares me and if it gets my blood going, that’s the reason to say yes because that’s where you learn and you get stronger in whatever you do.'”

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