And here they are…

Based on MORDECAI RICHLER’S novel, this sharply amusing dramedy focuses on thirty years in the life of curmugeonly BARNEY PANOFSKY (who is portrayed by PAUL GIAMATTI). Every bit of his contradictory cantankerous existence is up for grabs – including his three marriages to women played by RACHELLE LEFEVRE, MINNIE DRIVER and ROSAMUND PIKE.

And what a ride it is…


JULIANNE MOORE is a Toronto doctor trapped in a crumbling marriage to a university professor. She becomes so obsessed with the state of her relationship and her husband’s infidelity that she hires a stunning escort (AMANDA SEYFRIED) to distract him and report back on the consequences.

Powerfully seductive and mysterious, this is easily one of ATOM EGOYAN’S most accessible films. Ms. Moore’s performance is a revelation.


In the summer of 1968, a group of underpaid women employed at the Ford plant in Dagenham, England went on strike. Aided by shop steward RITA O’GRADY (SALLY HAWKINS) and fiery redheaded Labour MP BARBARA CASTLE (MIRANDA RICHARDSON), they were able to make their voices heard and paved the way for the first big wave of late twentieth century feminism.


SALT goes a long way towards explaining ANGELINA JOLIE’S status as one of the biggest female movie stars to ever grace the screen. She’s indisputably gorgeous. But it goes far beyond that. She has so much charisma and raw power that you can not look away.

This film hits the ground running from the first frame and never lets up until the final credits. It possesses the perfect popcorn punch.

Who is EVELYN SALT? You’ll have to see the movie to find out.


This motion picture runs flawlessly on all cylinders. This epic zeitgeist breaking tale of MARK ZUCKERBERG and the beginnings of Facebook has incredible acting (from JESSE EISENBERG, ANDREW GARFIELD, ARMIE HAMMER, ROONEY MARA and RASHIDA JONES), AARON SORKIN’S fabulous crackling script and magnificent direction from DAVID FINCHER.


CHRISTOPHER NOLAN’S glorious Bond influenced mind bender – with its multilayered dreamscapes – is a deliciously cerebral cinematic experience. At its core, there is the coolly manipulative MAL (MARION COTILLARD), the dangerous deceased wife that DOM (LEONARDO DICAPRIO) can never stop loving.


This is how our dreams die. Little by little. One day at a time…

There has never been a movie exactly like BLUE VALENTINE. It has the realism and the immediacy of the grittiest documentary. But it’s populated with glamorous actors and filmed in the vibrant primary colours of the latest blockbuster. This is one of the truest motion pictures about romance and marriage that was ever committed to celluloid. Director DEREK CIANFRANCE has made a brave and beautiful film that people will be talking about many years from now.


This is a sly exceptionally intelligent film. Though it carves up the high school hierarchy (along with the inevitable hypocritical positions and individuals), it’s about so much more than that. The truth will set you free. Portions of it are a witty homage to the JOHN HUGHES teen films of the 80s. But it’s better than any of them. The sensational EMMA STONE is going to be a major presence from this time forward.


Adapted from the best selling memoir by ELIZABETH GILBERT, this is the story of one woman’s spiritual journey of self discovery. Though she spends nearly a year alone and doesn’t meet the love of her life (JAVIER BARDEM) until the final half hour, there is a lush underlying sensuality that effortlessly draws you in. It possesses a wonderful performance from the luminous golden goddess JULIA ROBERTS and one of the most emotionally satisfying endings of the year.

It also has one of the best lines of 2010, spoken by RICHARD JENKINS’ character: “My ex wife thinks I changed my name to motherfucker.”


Passion. Ambition. The quest for excellence. Perfectionism. Need. Desire. Pressure. Control. Challenge. Artistic sacrifice. Madness.

All of these qualities are expressed – either overtly or subliminally – in DARREN ARONOFSKY’S dark masterpiece. Every movie with a modicum of intellectual fervor has some subtext. But there is so much going on in every single scene that it takes several viewings to grasp all of the fine points.

It’s highlighted by NATALIE PORTMAN’S astonishing portrayal of a prima ballerina so driven that she’s slowly going insane.

This film is a miraculous treasure that will never be forgotten. For all of these reasons, BLACK SWAN is the best movie of 2010.

2 Responses to “CINEMATIC PASSIONS’ TOP 10 FILMS OF 2010”


    She said: “We have had people coming in and ringing up the box office to ask when Natalie Portman will be dancing in our production.”

    better than an oscar win??? 😉

  2. Wow. That’s fantastic!!!

    And that was in England too.

    I think NATALIE would be thrilled to think that she was so convincing that people actually thought she was a professional ballerina. But it really is astounding work of an exceptionally fine calibre.

    Great performances like that don’t come around all the time. They really don’t. More on that a little later…

    Thanks for that, my darling glimby. As always, you know precisely where it’s at.

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