GOSSIP GIRL star KELLY RUTHERFORD’S new handbag line is taking off.

“I call them my little affordable luxuries,” KELLY told PEOPLE of her leather bags ($130 – $199), sold exclusively at

“They are very affordable and something you could wear every day, which is what I thought was missing [in the market].”

For inspiration, the first time designer reflected back on the classics.

“I always loved people like Catherine Deneuve, Brigitte Bardot and Grace Kelly,” she stated at QVC’s Style Party at THE FOUR SEASONS in Beverly Hills. But that doesn’t mean the looks appeal to an older crowd only — in fact, they’ve had almost the opposite effect.

Though KELLY’S mom is a fan, “I went to pick my son up at school the other day and I had girls that look like they were seniors [in high school] come up and ask me where I got my satchel bag,” she remarked.

“I was so excited I said, ‘I did this! I designed this!’”

No word on whether SERENA VAN DER WOODSEN will be sporting one any time soon.

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