Any romantically fulfilled New Yorkers waiting in line to see THE SORROW & THE PITY at their favourite Manhattan movie theatre or getting distracted in view of the Queensboro Bridge will continue to go undocumented by WOODY ALLEN for at least a few more months: that quintessential New York director is once again taking a pass on his home town and making his next movie in Rome this summer, AGENCE FRANCE PRESSE reported.

In an interview with the Italian newspaper LA REPUBLICCA, Mr. Allen compared Rome favorably to other cities where he has filmed.

“It’s fantastic to have the possibility to work there. Like when I shot Manhattan in New York, Match Point in London and Vicky Cristina Barcelona in Barcelona. Each time, it’s like a declaration of love for certain places. I project onto the big screen my feelings for places which count a lot in my life.”

Mr. Allen’s coming movie MIDNIGHT IN PARIS was shot in the French capital. His last film to be shot in New York was WHATEVER WORKS, which was released in 2009.

Needless to say, the lengendary filmmaker was not especially talkative about his Roman project. “Don’t ask me about the script or the cast. I’m superstitious,” he told LA REPUBLICCA.

“I’m still at the screenplay stage. It would be silly to say more.”


  1. more importantly you post a pic from whatever works!!!! 🙂

  2. I know, baby.

    WHATEVER WORKS is one of my all time favourite WOODY ALLEN films…and considering that he is the director that I adore most, that’s really quite an accomplishment.

    It’s rapturous. Just the perfect summer movie. I saw it eight times and I own it.

    And I really dig that picture of EVAN and HENRY.

    What can I say, glim? True love makes all of the stupid retarded vicious ridiculous BS fade away to nothing.

    There are some things that are truly essential to a fulfilling existence. But a lot of stuff is simply too inconsequential to make a dent.

    You just have to rise above the claptrap and do what needs to be done.

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