Spending a ton on cosmetics may be a drop in the bucket for GOSSIP GIRL’S queen bee BLAIR WALDORF. But that simply encompasses the character’s usual shopping habits.

In real life, actor LEIGHTON MEESTER said that she’s all about bargains when she’s buying beauty products.

“Look, I’m a South Florida girl — if you need mascara, you go to Walgreens,” LEIGHTON recently told StyleList.

“One of the joys of my job is being able to try all different products. But if I can spend a lot less on something, I’d rather do that.”

LEIGHTON saves an extravagant amount of money by stocking up on some of her essential drugstore must haves, including Cover Girl lip stains, L’Oreal Naturale Mascara and one of her ultimate favourites: cocoa butter.

“It’s 99 cents! I love it,” she raved.

But regardless of what she’s using when getting dressed up, she always keeps one style icon in mind.

“Oh, Bette Davis. Those lips. You know how you’re supposed to choose between playing up your eyes or your lips? I always choose lips.”

“I love the drama.”


  1. glimmer Says:

    uh do you have any cocoa butter stories ms.m ??? 😉

    maybe i should start buying it…

  2. I’m so good.

    I knew if I posted something on LEIGHTON that you would end up here. How did I know this? Like I said: I’m good.

    do you have any cocoa butter stories ms.m???

    Uh…none that I’d be willing to share in public. But cocoa butter was never really my thing. Simply a personal preference.

    Bubble bath? Now that’s a whole different ball game…

  3. glimmer Says:

    I knew if I posted something on LEIGHTON that you would end up here.

    what is this? the bat signal??? 😉

    i’m just gonna go with no comment. i’m that good… 😉

    anyway you can chime in on this…


  4. what is this? the bat signal???

    Ha ha. It might as well be, baby. Just call it CATWOMAN’S revenge.

    As for the link…

    Interesting analysis of LEIGHTON’S career at this time. I don’t really think that I’m sold on everything they said. Negativity comes very easily when you’re talking about people in the entertainment field.

    The stark reality is that actors do a lot of incredible work in many projects that are labelled as failures or disappointments because they weren’t (technically) financially successful. But if the artists really enjoyed the experience and the film turns out to eventually be influential and inspiring to a variety of industry types (as well as audiences), who’s to say that it’s an actual write off?

    Time works a lot of miracles. When you sign up for something, you never know what the finished project is going to be like.

    There are tons of money making movies that are absolutely terrible…and aside from ending up financially in the black, there’s not much to recommend them. So I do think that perception is the key. That can go many different ways.

    Everybody also acknowledges that the biggest most legendary film personalities all have their share of dicey motion pictures that went nowhere, were critically savaged or just didn’t make the grade in a number of ways. There is a lot of brilliant talent out there. But that happens to everyone.

    So I think that VULTURE is being a bit harsh.

    But I do know this for an absolute fact…

    LEIGHTON is gorgeous and exceptionally talented. She can act as well as sing. Her potential is unlimited.

    She’s going to be a great enduring A list film star. Wait and see…

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