Being named the face of VIVIENNE WESTWOOD jewelry would give any woman a thrill. But for MAD MEN’S CHRISTINA HENDRICKS, it was extra special.

“When you admire someone for so very long and then you find out they know who you are and that they actually want you to wear their jewelry…It was heartwarming,” the actor told reporters last week at the VIVIENNE WESTWOOD flagship store opening in Los Angeles.

“I was over the moon.”

A fan of the iconic designer since since “forever,” CHRISTINA told PEOPLE that she appreciates the way Ms. Westwood mixes romance and rock in her designs.

“I love that she literally dressed The Sex Pistols and has bustles and corsets and things that one would never expect a designer to be able to do all at once. She pushes things further than other people have.”

CHRISTINA recently modelled pieces from VIVIENNE’S new GET A LIFE PALLADIUM JEWELRY COLLECTION. The jewels are available at the designer’s London and L.A. boutiques for $445 to $900.

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