Being blonde (as I know so well) can be more than a little dangerous.

So little time. So many ridiculous stereotypes to smash.

Therein lies the grand and glorious fulfillment. Well, at least some of it.

Our marvelous magnificent friends at EW have a slideshow that focuses on 14 well known personalities that lightened their locks – with varying results.

Here is how it all shakes out for me…

Golden is particularly fine on BRAD PITT and KELLY OSBOURNE. Though that lavender hair that she had a while back was very striking.

LAURA PREPON and LINDSAY LOHAN are great as blondes or redheads. But they look better as the latter.

KATE WINSLET, ANGELINA JOLIE and JULIA ROBERTS can pull off virtually any shade in the colour spectrum. But ANGELINA really shines with dark hair, while KATE and JULIA genuinely achieved their best looks as redheads.

To get the gallery, please go here


  1. but what if sometimes the results aren’t alchemical, but a guy named al that sells chemicals? 😉

  2. Hmmm…

    Never thought of it that way, glimster.

    What sort of chemicals? Ingestible? Explosive? Flammable?

    It boggles the mind…

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