Two years ago, a friend urged actor BRYCE DALLAS HOWARD to purge her closet of everything black. Many women would’ve balked at the command. To BRYCE, it was a revelation.

“Ever since then I’ve much preferred to wear bold colour, even if I’m picking my son up from school and working from home,” she told PEOPLE.

“I’ve been wearing accessories, purses and dresses every day as if I were in sweatpants. As a result I’ve felt much more social. Clothes are a way of celebrating the day.”

And she has a lot to celebrate: she is currently the face of KATE SPADE NEW YORK. BRYCE stars in a series of fun colourful ads for the company.

“Shooting the campaign was one of the most creatively playful experiences I’ve had. I was riding on bikes, jumping off staircases, climbing on top of mailboxes and painting on the wall. My son (Theodore, 4) was with me and it was as if I were entering his world for a day!”

BRYCE said that the on set stylist taught her how to mix and match purses — “I’m the colourful bag lady [now],” she shared — and she learned that she loves colour blocking.

“The shoot inspired me. The fact that I am representing the line now feels utterly surreal.”

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