Our Friday musical highlight is GOD PART II from U2.

It’s Easter, kids. Party hearty.

And now it’s time for me to exit. Stage left…

2 Responses to “FOR WHOM THE BELL TOLLS…”

  1. *sigh*


    hmm. arrgh…but that’s ok. we’re still pals…you know U2’s current tour has made more money that any tour ever.


    let’s talk about alternatives that could never count because of how most people hear/perceive music. let’s talk about one of the most iconic alternative bands and their music is pretty accessible too.

    this song originally was on a seven inch ep that was surely done for under $1000 on (likely) pawn shop equipment and done before you could do almost everything on a computer and it’s still 3000% more alternative than that lame me too alternative everyone loves…

    as i always say: wimpy kids and females were the real rebels of music. ms. m, would a cool guy/tough guy/sexy guy get this sound on a guitar???

    hell no…

    still it’s a reminder of when alternative was actually different. most of that died or even the thought of it being possible/happening once the start of the stupid rock era began aka nirvana/grunge.

    letting everyone be alternative while being the exact same manistream kid they were before they were alternative (and they heard/related to music the exact way too).

    how the hell is this not alternative but nirvana was??? because nirvana was proof nothing changed or was gonna change.

    and pam is amazing. i love non in your face vocals….

    what of today’s lame hot music alternative is even 30% as alternative as this??? the joke being this isn’t even extreme or anything it just puts influences together in a way that was pretty unexpected.

    but i know people really just want expected combinations/sounds. (example rap metal, alternative bands ripping off the biggest branches of 77 -79, 81 – 83 etc.)

    and no this doesn’t sound like ac/dc. they were the black tambourine.

    trad rock shouldn’t count. if this doesn’t count either…

    no one will call this smart music but it’s about 9000% smarter than radiohead’s fake eclectic brain power crap.

    Black Tambourine “For Ex-Lovers Only” from Slumberland Records on Vimeo.

  2. but that’s ok. we’re still pals…

    Of course we are. We always will be. No matter what. You’ve been an awesome friend to me even before I had this site, glimby. Your contributions here – and your great kindness to me in every aspect that I could possibly think of – make you a very special person in my estimation.

    I dig the fact that you express yourself differently from most people. Your perceptions are unique and different. That’s why I find them so valuable.

    Plus I know that you’re absolutely genuine and heartfelt in your appraisals. That doesn’t happen all the time.

    Believe me.

    I really love U2, RADIOHEAD, AC/DC and NIRVANA. But that doesn’t matter at all. I like the idea of being introduced to new concepts and ideas as derived from your perspective.

    With all that said…

    Your links end up at several places where you should be able to get some access to music. But there isn’t anything there.

    Maybe you could come on over to the site and work on that when you’ve got some time…

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