STEVIE NICKS found inspiration everywhere before digging into her first solo album in 10 years. She sat down at a piano in an Australian hotel and declared: “I’m ready to make a record now.”

“I really don’t care if anybody buys it and I really don’t care if everybody steals it,” she said during an interview at her Pacific Palisades home.

“What I need is to make a record for me, the artist. I need to create something now. So I am going to close my eyes to the music business and its problems and go forth with a good heart and great belief and make a record.”

The result – IN YOUR DREAMS – was released last week.

The album features a song STEVIE wrote in 1975, right after joining FLEETWOOD MAC.

She never shared it with the band “which is crazy because this is a very easy simple precise song that Lindsey Buckingham would’ve loved and Fleetwood Mac would’ve loved. I put it away right after I joined the band and for some reason, I never put it on any of my records either.”

Last year, she remembered the track that she’d stuffed into a box in her parents’ Phoenix home: “Something in my head. I saw the cassette in my head with the little ink that said Secret Love.”

It’s the first single from IN YOUR DREAMS.

STEVIE was forced to cancel recent promotional appearances in New York after coming down with pneumonia and flu, but she plans to join ROD STEWART for the 16 city HEART & SOUL TOUR.

It will have its first stop on MARCH 20 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

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