When KATE WINSLET visited a historic New Jersey movie theatre a couple of weeks ago, it wasn’t to catch a film; the actor was shooting her first campaign photos as the new face of ST. JOHN.

The OSCAR winning star was recently selected to front the American knitwear line — taking over from past model ANGELINA JOLIE — and did so in a glamorous setting, at Jersey City’s historic LOEW’S THEATER.

“They want to keep it looking like me and not have it look like me pretending to be a model wearing these clothes,” KATE told WWD on the day of the shoot.

“I’m obviously not a model. I’m not the size of a model. I don’t have the face of a model or the shape of a model.”

What she does have, though, is the timeless beauty the brand desired. ST. JOHN is using KATE to help evolve its image, adding looks like silk gowns, leopard print coats and woven pants — plus costume jewelry and handbags — to its usual collections of skirt suits.

“To me, it’s fresher than that. It seems fresher than that because of the fabrics. They’re extremely delicate, extremely wearable and very flattering. I have worn several of their pieces over the years.”

KATE’S ads will debut in North American magazines during the month of September.

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