She had the fashion world abuzz when she was announced as the new face of American knitwear company ST. JOHN last April…and now KATE WINSLET’S first official photo for the FALL 2011 advertising campaign has been revealed.

In the image, shot by photographer CRAIG McDEAN at the LOEW’S THEATER in New Jersey, KATE shows off her sultry side, laying across a stage draped in a flattering figure hugging granite Milano knit dress and sporting tousled curls.

“Kate is an ideal choice for our new campaign,” ST. JOHN creative director GEORGE SHARP said earlier in the spring.

“She is an accomplished, beautiful woman with an extraordinary body of work and one of the most admired actors of her generation. She embodies the modern sensibility of St. John. She is contemporary and authentically captures the style of the St. John woman.”

The campaign will launch in SEPTEMBER in North American magazines.


  1. glimmer Says:

    that pic looks a bit like one of those actor promo type photos. uh…just my take.

    but what do i know…?

    i was confused by the phrasing. it had me thinking milano was a different company but with a four second check/it seems it’s a type of st. john’s dress. but how was i not to be confused???

    just me???

  2. just me???

    I don’t think so, my darling boy.

    It’s entirely possible that anyone reading that could have been led down precisely the same path.

    No big deal. You’re sharp as a tack, glimster.

    There’s very little that goes over your head. Ever…

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