EVA MENDES is envied by women everywhere for her glowing skin, coveted curves and silky hair. But behind every beautiful woman is an essential set of beauty tools. The THIERRY MUGLER muse said that she counts on some tried and true favourites to give her an all over glow.

First up? Blush.

“I like…cream based products and Nars does really fun blush and bronzer,” she told Style.com.

“I like to mix those.”

And while she may be drawing attention to the apples of her cheeks, she’s trying to draw attention away from other areas.

Dark circles are hereditary in my family, which can be useful when doing a role when I’m supposed to be tired and depressed,” she joked.

“But in my everyday life, I try to minimize that” by using LAURA MERCIER SECRET CAMOUFLAGE CONCEALER. To keep her skin clear and healthy, she swipes on DR. HAUSCHKA facial toner, because “it’s so clean and so simple. It’s not drying in any way.”

For nails, she counts on ESSIE polish in MUCHO DINERO. “It’s so elegant,” she said, laughing at the name. “What about this says mucho dinero?”

Luckily, she doesn’t have to spend much on her shampoo and conditioner, both from the PANTENE PRO V MEDIUM THICK SOLUTIONS line. (She’s a spokesmodel for the company.)

“It’s classic and you can get it anywhere in the world,” she said of the brand.

“I tried to cheat and go more expensive, but I came running back with my tail between my legs.”

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