EMMA STONE and OLIVIA WILDE will be glamming it up together as the new global brand ambassadors for REVLON. The actors will appear in various television, print and digital campaigns beginning in early 2012.

“Revlon recognizes that every woman is multifaceted and magnificent in her own way and the expression of individuality is as important to Revlon as it is to me,” EMMA said in a statement. And for her, the connection to the brand stems from childhood.

“I have been familiar with Revlon for as long as I can remember. I vividly recall my mom wearing Revlon makeup and I remember getting to the age when I was finally able to wear Revlon myself.”

For OLIVIA, being the face of a brand that’s committed to helping others was key.

“I have always admired Revlon and their commitment to giving women the confidence and tools they need to feel beautiful, both inside and out. Creatively, Revlon has never been afraid to push the envelope, which is important to me. I also love that they use their tremendous recognizability around the world to do good as one of the industry’s biggest champions of women’s health. It’s exciting to join a company with a big heart and big ideas!”

Their first campaigns will be tied to the launch of new colour cosmetics and nail enamel products. They’ll also participate in REVLON’S fundraising efforts for women’s health issues.

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