Rocker STEVEN TYLER has always been known for his individualistic highly original style. And now, the AEROSMITH frontperson and AMERICAN IDOL judge has inspired a new line for ANDREW CHARLES’ contemporary collection, arriving at MACY’S stores next month.

“I really love the whole concept of mixing music and fashion together,” ANDY HILFIGER, ANDREW CHARLES’ creative director, told WWD. “To launch it with such an icon such as Steven Tyler is amazing.”

STEVEN, who has been known to wear everything from feathered hair extensions to intensely colourful outfits, serves as the muse for the men’s line, which features items like bold patterned cotton shirts and cotton and spandex denim jeans, plus a scarf collection called ROCK SCARF that will launch in OCTOBER.

As the face of the collection, STEVEN will make personal appearances at MACY’S and be featured in a campaign with his daughter CHELSEA, an aspiring model who sports some items from the complementary women’s collection in the ads. STEVEN will also be featured in a series of short behind the scenes videos from the campaign shoot.

“We’ve always loved him and [American Idol] took him to the next level,” ANDY HILFIGER commented. Not so coincidentally, costumers from the show have already called in pieces from the collection, presumably to dress their favourite judge.

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