Considering the success of her billion dollar fashion empire, it’s no surprise that JESSICA SIMPSON is taking her expertise for material things to a glimmering new level.

The singer is embarking on her next business venture — a fine jewelry collection — focusing on every girl’s best friend: diamonds.

In October, the fashion mogul will introduce the DIAMONDS ARE A GIRL’S BEST FRIEND collection at ZALES and ZALES OUTLETS, making jewelry her 22nd retail category. 

”Jewelry is such personal expression of style and taste. This collection has allowed me to create pieces that truly reflect who I am…and that can become a keepsake for lifetime,” JESSICA told WWD.

“The collection is beautifully crafted. The designs are airy and artistic and so easy to wear.”

The line features pendants, earrings, rings, bracelets and bangles in gold, silver and diamonds with an affordable price range of $69 to $799.

Some of JESSICA’S signature designs include a rose gold butterfly pendant bordered in diamonds (her personal favourite at $199), a diamond studded white gold heart shaped pendant based on her handwriting ($199) and sterling silver crosses with diamonds ($79.99).

“I love that a piece of fine jewelry can be passed down from generation to generation. I cherish the pieces that were given to me, so it is really special to be able to design my own.”

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