Surprised to see me posting early Saturday morning rather than on the usual Friday?

I have endless amounts of fuzzy little rabbits to pull out of an interminable amount of gleaming silk hats.

Believe me. You don’t even want to know…

I’d like to thank everyone that expressed concern. That genuinely means a lot. But the truth is that I was experiencing technical difficulties yesterday morning and faced some rather savage time constraints.

Sometimes things happen that are beyond your control. So eventually you have to come up with your own personal version of Plan B.

You didn’t think that I was slacking off – watching THE LORD OF THE RINGS trilogy, did you? Absolutely no disrespect to PETER JACKSON and his amazing cast and crew.


One day the site will be done and I’ll move on to other things. But I won’t quit until I want to. Now is not the time.

I can almost smell the rose gardens and taste the champagne from here. There’s no backing down or walking away.

I’m no delicate flower. My hot Irish blood would not allow it. Pride and honour actually mean something to me.

No prisoners, baby.

Our weekly musical highlight (seeing as it’s no longer Friday) is KEEP SEARCHIN from the late great DEL SHANNON.

And now it’s finally time for me to exit. Stage left…

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