Phone hacking victim SIENNA MILLER said that she planted false stories with friends in an attempt to figure out why intimate details of her life were showing up in the British tabloids.

SIENNA, an actor and former fiancee of screen star JUDE LAW, told NBC’s TODAY show in an interview that aired Thursday that stories about her appeared in the newspaper that only her mother, sister, boyfriend and best friend knew about.

“At the time I was incredibly paranoid,” she stated.

SIENNA reached a 100,000 pound ($161,000) settlement with the tabloid THE NEWS OF THE WORLD, which had hacked into her cellphone messages.

She accused some of the people close to her of selling stories to the press. She’d plant the false stories to see if they appeared in the newspaper and thus expose a person betraying her. But the false stories never appeared.

SIENNA said she also became suspicious when it became clear there were a large number of voice mail messages that friends said they’d left and she never received.

“Everything is compromised enormously. It had a huge impact on relationships, friendships and my career.”

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